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I Need a Touch Up

Ahhh, today is the day I get a nice little touch up to my tattoo.  As if it’s not fun enough getting a tattoo on a very painful part of your body once, I get to do it all over again!!!  WOOOOO.

My little birdie healed up pretty well, there’s just some spots where the line quality isn’t quite the same, so I’m getting a little work done to make it look tip top! 

It’s pretty quiet over here today, the whole building is full of white noise.  Ahh Friday.  I love it.

So there was a wedding dress downstairs in the little clothing store we run and I thought, “hey, that looks like it would fit me!” and so I tried it on and ran all over the building in a big ass wedding dress for a half hour.  People were all like, “Oh man, you should totally buy it!”, but let’s be real here. 

1) I am not engaged

2) It’s a used wedding gown

3) there is a really sad story behind the gown

I don’t know if I want to be all boo hoo and tell you about what happened with the dress and how it ended up at our little used clothing store…it’s pretty damn depressing.

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