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Aha! Moment of my Day

I don’t think anyone else who reads this blog works in the nonprofit sector, but I think we can all relate to this…

 I found after getting a degree and going into my field (nonprofit), I wasn’t really getting the fulfillment that I had hoped to.  It’s not so much that I want to be constantly thanked for what I do, but I really get a great sense of my purpose when I can actually see people become happier thanks to my help, in whatever way that happens.  It just makes me feel really alive, and really happy that I am so lucky to be able to help people that are less fortunate. 

 I think I lose that feeling every now and then when I am working because I’ve often ended up doing office work, and not so much the direct work with people, where I can see them and know their stories, and really just help them out.

I has a really wonderful moment just now that made me feel really happy to be where I am.  I got called downstairs to help with a computer problem (as I do about 90% of the time I’m here) and I went down thinking it was a simple problem like ink running out of a printer, etc.

What I came to see was a very frail woman, maybe no more than 45, who had tried to save a document to a floppy disc, only to see it dissapear.

Now, I’m pretty sure anyone who has ever touched a computer has felt this, but she was different.  She doesn’t own a computer, she can’t afford to pay to use the internet at a cafe, and she can’t use a library computer because of the confidential nature of the document she was working on. 

Two hours of her time had suddenly vanished, and the volunteer helping her had no idea where the document went.  It looked like she was going to break down completely if I couldn’t get the document back.

I don’t know what it truly feels like to be helpless.  I am lucky enough to have a home, a family, a car, a job, friends…I mean really when it comes down to it, I am really lucky.  But to see the desperation and terror on someone’s face when they don’t know why they lost an important document because of the big scary computer….I can’t even tell you how sad that is to see.

I worked for 15 minutes and got her document back, and then I helped her print three copies, save it to her disc, and put them in a folder for her so that she would be able to keep them safe.

We exchanged names and I wished her luck, and the happiness in her eyes is really all I need at the end of the day to know I made someone’s difficult situation, a little less hard.

Wow, that is so sexy

So I mean, just because I am trying to figure all the jumbles of my own life out doesn’t mean I am a humourless turd!  In fact, I seem to find a lot of things to laugh at.  Like how someone just barked downstairs, but you know what?  I am not going down there to find out who barked.  I am just going to enjoy the fact that I work somewhere where someone thinks it’s okay to bark in the lobby.

Anyhow, I was minding my own business earlier today, when I hear some volunteer come upstairs and say to another male volunteer this little gem:

“Where’s the SEXretary?  I am looking for the SEXretary, aren’t there any ladies up here?”

Then, because the man he’s talking to likely has never even HAD sex, so he just looks at him blankly.

 Then he realizes that YES INDEED, there are in fact TWO ladies upstairs, and both are about twenty years younger, and twenty years less smelly than he is! 

He never did make a SEXretary comment again during our conversation on window coverings.  I’d like to think he was just too caught up in all the sexiness that comes with volunteer work, or maybe smelling like oil.  Either way, things just got a lot more sexy…..

 Who am I kidding, no they didn’t!  Barf!

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