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Just when you think it’s safe…

BLAM!  Your little pug takes a huge dump and eats it while you’re blowdrying your hair!

I thought we were mostly past the turd-burgling but by the lip smacking I saw this morning, baby Zelda doesn’t seem to be over the poop munchies.

 Interestingly, I think she might have been more into the poop because her and Winston knocked over a sour apple slurpee into their litter box and must have slurped some up while I was out on Monday (GROSS).  Anyhow, both of them are pooping green at the moment, which leaves them both as suspects. 

Also in dog news, I’ve come to realize over the past week that in my sleep I am actually accomodating the dogs while I am sleeping.  I am physically pushing my own body to the edge of my bed, and manage to give the dogs about two people worth of space, so that when I wake up, I’m all like AAAAGH MY SPINE!!!!  I’m not really sure how to solve this.  I love the puppies sleeping with us, but I have to figure out how to force myself some room in my sleep! 

Dear unconscious me,

You are being stupid.  Why are you letting the pugs take up all the space in the bed?!  You are the master!  Do you want your spine to curl into a pretzel??  Shape up!



There goes the sun

Holy crap, daylight savings is sucking my will to live!  I only see the sun when I go to work, and then I don’t see it again all day!  Ack!

I saw the sun for like ten minutes on the weekend and it was like a vampire dying from sunlight exposure!

Well, I also worked for ten hours today, so maybe that’s why I am so pooped.

I had a job interview today, and it was for a really sweet job, but it pays the same as my jbo now, and I’d kind of like more money than I’m making.  VANCOUVER IS EXPENSIVE!!!  If anyone knows of a sweet job that pays a lot, you know, other than some shit like “rock star”, let me know!  I am currently doing the work of like six people at my job and I get paid less than when I was working at my last job and doing WAAAAAY less.  WHAT. THE.  FLIP.

I think I am just having a career crisis.  I am kind of on the fence as to whether I’ve even chosen the right career path, but I am also unsure of what career would make me happier.  I mean, if I got to stay home and paint all day I’d be pretty happy, but let’s face it, artists do not make much money.  Le sigh.

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