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Yay, I got a tattoo

Okay, so with some crafty html work I can show you my little tattoo experience!

Here’s me right after I got my tattoo, I am just not wanting to open my eyes at all. I got my tattoo while listening to Sufjan Stevens! Woo!

This is the tattoo I got, it’s a copy of Picasso’s dove of peace. Lovely!

Here’s the drawing I showed my tattoo artist. He was younger than me, and I am not that old. I mean, I am in my mid 20s, but he was YOUNGER THAN ME. WTF?!

In conclusion: apparently the foot is the most painful, and if you can get through a tattoo on your foot, you can get a tattoo anywhere. I am happy to say I survived. Yes, it hurt. The vibrations from the needle shook my whole foot. Apparently it actually only took ten minutes to do the tattoo, but I can tell you that it felt like an hour. Those were the slowest ten minutes of my life. The first outline didn’t hurt, but oh man when he went over the lines again it felt like someone was snipping my skin with nail clippers. Not crying pain, and I could carry on a conversation, but it hurt!

Now I want more, more moore!!!

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