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Lost at sea

or i might as well be, because it’s raining a whole lot today!

I can’t seem to get blogger to upload photos on either of the two computers that I’ve tried. So many photo stories to tell you!

I’m a little bummed out, dudes. I am kind of in an odd situation. I miss my best bud cuz I really don’t see this person a lot. I’ve known them for ages, and have lots of good memories with them. I guess since I’ve moved here we haven’t seen each other hardly at all. I could attribute it to a few things, but I can’t tell if it’s just a drifting apart kind of thing, or if it’s something else.

I miss my bud a lot. Plus, it’s really hard meeting people in a new city, which also makes for difficult times. I might take a class or something to meet more people though.

It’s interesting when you move though, because most people already have a close group of friends, so it’s a little hard to break into something like that. I know a few people here, but for the most part, I don’t want to invest in friendships that doesn’t really mean anything to the other person, you know?

I dunno, I let a lot of really toxic people go after high school, and kind of kept well invested friendships to a minimum. It’s pretty much been that way since. I also have trouble finding young, urban, professional friends. WHERE ARE ALL OF YOU?!!?

I guess I’m also bummed on this front because a really good friend of mine, who I spent all of college with, can’t even take the time to write back to an email (it’s been weeks). I’m just not sure how you can spend that much of such an important time of your education with someone (in and out of school), and then just stop talking to them.

Bummer people, bummer.

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