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Technology: The Final Frontier

Can we say hello to the newest attachment to my skull???

I have officially become part robot, and so far it is just as awesome as you think it is.

My boss is constantly out of the office, which means he’s constantly on my case about me having my cell phone with me AT ALL TIMES.

I am terrible at having my phone with me at all times, and it usually takes me about 30 seconds to actually FIND my phone in every purse I have, which means I constatnly miss his calls.

Which means I constantly have a very large Australian man yelling on my voicemail in a comical voice about my “flipping phone!!!”

Enter the lovely little bluetooth device I picked up today! Now I will be talking handsfree at the office, and can take his calls all the time (if I can remember to charge my phone regularly…).

You wouldn’t believe how many messages I can get in a day from this man. He calls to check in more than any boss I’ve ever seen. Not in a harassing way, but just to make sure everything is going well and that people are getting along, which is pretty good of him.

Oh technology, you make me so giddy! The joy of cracking open the plastic packaging, the nerdiness of syncing up two devices that have never met before….eeeeek, it is so fun.

Can you tell I have turned into a giant nerd? Seriously, break out the pocket protectors and high heels.

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