The Silver Lining

I was feeling pretty poops today because I am:

1) DEAD TIRED because Winston has taken up barking at EACH AND EVERY NOISE in the apartment halls. This is bad news because there’s a 20something dude living at the end of the hall, and so he’s standing out there sometimes at 1am on a weeknight talking and Winston is like, “CEASE AND DESIST, INTRUDER! I AM THE SMALL DOG WITH A BIG COMPLEX!!! WOOWOO!” and I’m like FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS SHUT UP!!!!

2) Constantly harassed at work about fixing network issues because we have a really small server and people keep losing files and this isn’t even something I had in my job description but I am so young that i actually know how to network computers and this is the world’s longest sentence aaaaaah

Anyhow, I was likely just staring at my monitor when I got a box on my desk from AMANDA!!! I opened it to find some treats from the upcoming Pugoween, which I am SERIOUSLY SO SAD TO MISS!!! What a serious bummer. You have no idea how much fun it was last year. I miss all my puggy friends! So anyway, she sent a little care backage with the treats and some antler chews which are EXTREMELY HARD TO FIND IN VANCOUVER!!! I have been looking for them since I moved here, and no one even knows what the hell I am talking about! Agh!

She also put a little card in, which had one of the most sincerely cute spelling errors I have ever seen and it just made me feel a whole lot better about the day. Yes, the package was about dog stuff, but seriously, Amanda is such a great friend for taking the time to think of my pugs missing out on Pugoween. WE MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

2 Responses to “The Silver Lining”

  1. 1 Manda Girl October 6, 2007 at 2:44 am

    Hahaha – We miss you TOO!!! I was thinking yesterday about how I am going to miss the many outfits that would have happened with you at pug’oween. It’s the poops!

    I hope the puggies like the treats!

    (PS – I’m glad you liked the spelling oops – I laughed when I did it and was going to throw it away and start again but I knew you would appreciate it!!)

    Hope the weekend is good and you find Nachos!

  2. 2 Manda Girl October 6, 2007 at 3:59 pm

    PS – I just noticed your label is amanda is awesome. That’s the coolest thing ever!

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