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A Grand Pug Photo Shoot

Sometimes I just look at the dogs and think, Damn, these are two gorgeous looking pugs! They should be pug models. Which, by the way, did I tell you that this little shop by my house called Barking Babies is pretty tight with the editors of Modern Dog magazine, and that they use their customer database when they need a certain breed of dog for a photo shoot?! YOU MIGHT SEE WINSTON AND ZELDA IN MODERN DOG! WTF!!!

Sometimes Winston just likes to throw caution to the wind, as represented by his flappy ear:
As you can see, Zelda is pretty much always making this face when I take her photo:
Except when she’s sleepy!
Then I get all kinds of cuteness:
Winston is generally a good sport though:
He likes to turn up the cute when he knows I’ve got the camera out:

Delicious, delicious candy.

Oh baby. Remember these?

These sweet, delicious candies always made me sick after a box. It was likely because I was eating pure sugar when I ate them, but oh baby these little candies were delicious. Someone donated a boatload of candy to our organization, which means candy is currently EVERYWHERE, and to my delight I saw a package of Nerds!

Cut to me eating them all the way home on Friday.

Cut to me just finishing a box this morning.

Euuuuugh, there’s that offputting stomach churning I longed for as a kid. Ah yes, the feeling of a snowball-sized lump of delicious sugar in my gut. WHAT IS BETTER, I ASK YOU???

Is it just me, or is there always one flavour that sucks in a package of Nerds? For instance, there is sour apple in the one I just ate, and then there’s lemon. WHY WOULD I EAT THE LEMON IF I HAVE SOUR APPLE?!?! Everyone knows sour apple is far superior to lemon. Pffft, you know what? Fuck lemon. Lemon sucks! The only thing making it worthy to eat is the fact that it’s sour lemon, and even then I just eat it because it’s a pack of Nerds.

Oh how I love candy. I have inherited a lust for sweets from my grandpa (who had a dresser full of candy in his bedroom!).

It’s so hard to choose!

Sweet, sweet Gobstoppers.

Or maybe Starburst???

Oh man, I am getting a stomach ache just thinking about it. Good thing I have a giant bag of M&Ms to keep me company.

Glitter graphics: Annoying, but funny on pets!

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