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Rain rain…

I’ve been pretty blaze for the past week on here. I think I am having a momentary lapse in inspiration on here.

It’s raining nice and hard today, which is a nice turn of events from the week of sort of cloudy-not-quite-raining-but-almost-raining weather.

Now the skies are finally on release, which makes it look like I am on the absolute edge of the world from the bridge I take home every day.

It looks like there is just mist and ocean, and it’s really beautiful, but unfortunately I don’t feel particularly safe operating a camera while I try as a member of four lanes of one-way traffic to merge into ONE LANE (stupid city planning on that one!). You’d think the ocean were just at room temperature, and that you could just swim on forever into nothing. It’s really beautiful.

People are saying that the first winter here is the hardest, and I guess with the arrival of Autumn I am seeing a little taste of Winter. Weather seems to have sped up in Canada to one season faster than it should be moving.
It’s still really green here, which is a shocking change from the turdy brown that Calgary is likely turning into right about now. It’s also still almost 16 degrees at night. Every night. I can still sit at night with the patio doors open and listen to the SOOTHING sounds of people honking furiously at each other while trying to get onto the busy bridge by my apartment.
Okay, that part isn’t so great.
The fact that we can sit in the living room with the patio door open and take in all the fresh air and night sky is really lovely though.
I really love it here.
I was walking by a mall last night and could smell the sea air, and all I could think is “how in the world am I lucky enough to be right beside the sea??”
I thought it would be the mountains that I would love, but truly the ocean is winning me over. I am enamoured by the smells and the life-force that the ocean holds. How it provides so much for all the beauty out here, and how it is so absolutely enormous, but so quiet at the same time.
I haven’t even put my toes in the ocean yet. I haven’t in my entire life. I have touched the ocean with a hand once when I was about 15 and was on a vacation with a friend in San Fransisco, and that was the one and only time.
Funny that life can be busy enough that living by the sea leaves me no real time to visit the sea!
I should do something about that.

I love photoshop.

Yeah, we had a few hits…

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