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Winston is ready for his closeup.

I guess Zelda has been getting the most posts lately. She’s winning out because of her insane ability to find the most simple ways to get hurt. Therefore she becomes the topic. Well, also that and it’s Zelda’s birthday on Thursday (woo!), so I guess she’ll be getting yet another post this week.

Winston is doing good though. He’s keeping it real–mostly by barking at anyone, ANYONE else on our floor who even dares go near the elevator. Because the elevator leads to walkies. And walkies are just for Winston.

Other than his incredible desire to bark, and thus, make me jump off the balcony, he’s livin’ pretty good right now. He has the usual morning breakfast, served by chef Steve. Then it’s back to bed for snuggles with momma. Then when momma wakes up for work, it’s time to sit right beside the shower because momma always leaves the towel on the floor and then he gets to rub his face on it ever so furiously until he falls over onto it. The rest of the day is taken up by napping, farting, and pooping, until momma gets home, then it’s usually close to time for either snuggles or walkies. Then more food and hugs, along with a good helping of assisting all family members with any internetting they might need to do. Then it’s off to bed with momma and it all begins again tomorrow.

I’d say he’s living the high life right now. Oh what I wouldn’t give to try things out as a dog for a day. That way when I smell a strangers ass in public, it won’t seem so crazy.

Vancouver is purdy…

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