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What’s a dog owner to do?

I bring another question to the people, specifically to the dog owners of the world.

Last night I took Winston and Zelda on a walk with Steve to the dog park, as per usual. We’re mingling with the dog owners and the pups are mixing it up. I think we are maybe there for 20 minutes? Anyhow, while we are discussing the unusually large number of crows hanging around the dog park (I’m talking like maybe 150), I turn to look at Zelda and Winston, because Winston has taken a liking to barking his smokers cough of a bark at large dogs. Now, I think this may eventually get him into touble with a big dog, but then again, I don’t speak bark, so I have no idea what he’s barking about.

So I look at the dogs and they are hanging around a golden lab kind of dog, when literally OUT OF NOWHERE the dog turns nasty, and in a split second, has grabbed Zelda by the throat, which in turn strikes the fear of 10,000 dogs into my heart as I hear Zelda let out the most earth-shattering, frightening dog scream I have ever heard. The lab shakes her a few times and lets go, and Zelda is laying on the grass SCREAMING for her life. Not whimpering, because if you had heard the noises she was making, you would have known the incredible amount of pain she was in.

She wouldn’t stop for a few seconds, and Steve and I gave her an EXTREMELY thorough once-ver to determine if she was bleeding.

This is the most terrified I have ever been in my life. To think that in under two seconds that another dog could end her life is absolutely more than I can bear to even think about. Thank the all-mighty Jesus himself, Zelda was okay, she was just screaming in fear. The dog did, however, break a blood vessel in her eye, at which point I began to think of our pug friend Winston Pugsworth , and how he was also attacked at the park. Luckily, we checked her eye at home and her reaction to light and she seems to be okay.

I remember seeing the man whose dog attatcked Zelda, and how he just kind of strolled over to his dog and made the dog sit down for a second. The man never apologized, and the man never asked if she was okay. In fact, he didn’t say a word to us.

This made me want to run over to him and kick him square in the balls.

How can a dog owner not even CHECK to see if the dog that THEIR dog attacked is okay? I mean, is that it? You just get to walk away after your dog viciously grabs another dog by the THROAT in an attempt to cause pain, and you don’t even feel like saying sorry? Is that the kind of world we live in? Even still, is the person liable if my dog gets seriously injured, or is that just the risk dog owners take when they bring their dog to play at the park? Last time I checked, people borught their dogs to the park to socialize and play, not to mame and try to kill other dogs. Yes, I know that sometimes conflict happens at the park, and some dogs don’t get along, but when someone’s dog viciously attacks my dog without any provoking (as she was just standing within reach, just STANDING), are they not responsible for taking the disciplinary action on their own dog after it attacks another dog?

Am I alone on this? I just don’t understand how after this man’s dog attacked my dog, that he wouldn’t have disciplined his dog, and never checked to see if Zelda was ALIVE still.

Not like I am looking to straight up sue a dude, but if either of my dogs ever attacked another dog, they would be flipped on their back so fast and held down for a HUGE time out that they wouldn’t know how they got there.

That’s it? You just get to walk off, scott free feeling totally fine with the fact that your dog tried to break another dog’s neck? If that’s the case, I am staying the hell away from the dog park. It’s not worth it.

You might think Zelda is a quiet puppy…

but she gets pretty mad when Steve plays with Winston for some reason. Like…CRAZY.

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