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I love the smell of a new textbook

Ahhh, back to school. A nervous, and hormone-filled time where we all head back to class for another year of learning. Wait, not me! I now enter my second year of the freedom? of full-time work! No more will I feel the nervous anticipation of a looming exam! No more will I have to look for that perfect fall boot to wear to school…okay, I still look for boots, just not for school.

Is it really better working full time rather than going back to school? I’d say there’s a give and take. Having free evenings is lovely, as I was one to do homework from the time I got home until I went to bed, believing that I might somehow flunk out of college if I didn’t read and re-read EVERY SINGLE THING I WROTE IN MY NOTES that day. Oh if only it had taken me less time to figure out that I am a visual learner, I could have saved myself many hours in the library on my mac. But those times weren’t so bad.

To be honest, I liked studying. I was pretty good at it. I was also good at taking tests (except maybe my huge anxiety issues). I kind of miss the rush of panic I got right before I took an exam. I was likely very close to puking more than once before a test during college, but when I turned that exam over, it was like I was romancing a gullible young lady. I took those exams to town AND made them breakfast in the morning. It was truly a glorious time.

Now the only reason I remember school is starting is because traffic suddenly gets a MILLION TIMES WORSE.

Speaking of traffic, I was quite proud to finally switch my plates over to the all new, terribly exciting VANCOUVER 2010 OLYMPIC-THEMED PLATES! Woooooo!

Suck on these sweet plates, REST OF BC!!! Do you see what’s written on these new plates? BEST PLACE TO LIVE ON EARTH. Yeah, sorry REST OF THE WORLD, it looks like BC is the best place to live, because license plates are the reigning authority, am I right?

Also, I have lovely blue-ish mountains on my plates now, making it difficult to even read my plate number when I am on the road! Blessing in disguise, me thinks. HAHA, COPPERS, YOU CAN’T READ MY GLORIOUSLY THEMED OLYMPIC PLATES!!! SEE YOU IN 2010!!!

Anyhow, plates are my excitement at the moment since I can finally be freely honked at as a BC driver, instead of as a supposed “tourist from Alberta” now. And people here love to honk. I think they love it more than their own children. On a good (or maybe bad, depending on how you take it) night, I can hear around 50 seperate honking incidences a night. And that’s when I am only home in the evening during the week. THINK OF THE WEEKEND HONKING I GET TO HEAR! Not only do people love to honk, they love to honk back to initial honks. We aren’t talking small “beep beep” style either. These are full-fledged, rage enduced, horn loving cries to the lords of the vehicles themselves. The longest I think Steve and I have estimated at around a 30 second long layout on a horn, and that was at 2:30am on a Sunday morning!

Honking out here is like another language. Honking is okay for basically any reason at any time out here. “Hey, you are sort of in my way HONK HONK HOOOOOOOONK!!!!!!”
“You have been stopped for far too long (maybe 2 seconds) at this stop sign HHOOOOOOOOONK HONK HONK!!!!”

Maybe I can consider myself bilingual now, eh?

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