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Last night we shared our dinner plans with a Seagull

A lot of the time out here, people tell you not to feed the seagulls, or should I say, GROTESQUELY HUGE seagulls, because they can get pretty violent on your average person. I mean, I’m not going to mess with a 20 pound seagull when he’s pointing a gun at me, are you?

Anyhow, last night Steve and I went out for pizza to this little pizza shop on Robson, since it is extremely cheap and delicious, and there is an abundance of people watching to be had outside of this little store.

We walk to the shop and get our pizza, and proceed to sit on two fairly “interesting” lawn chairs outside the store. By interesting I mean “likely held together with dirt”. Anyhow, as we’re sitting watching the passers-by, Steve looks suddenly alarmed as he notices a rather large seagull eyeing him up from across the street at the library.

“It’s lookin’ at me….oh my GOD it’s crossing the street….OH MY GOD!!!!”

This seagull literally eyed up Steve from across the street, and then walked, not flew, across the street only to hop up on the curb and position himself about 2 feet awat from Steve and I. He kind of just stands there, waiting for us to do something.

So I bite off a piece of crust and go to throw it at him…


“Whaaaat? He’s not going to kill us.”

So I throw seagull caution to the wind and throw the crust at the seagull, and you know what? The seagull actually catches it in his mouth.

“Wow, that seagull’s got talent!”

“Let’s name him Jerry!”

So Jerry the seagull continues to stand RIGHT BESIDE us and just waits. Kind of like a dog…with wings, which is awesome. Nearly every time we throw something to Jerry, he catches it in his mouth. LOOK MA, NO HANDS!

He sits beside us all through dinner, and people passing by don’t even phase him, he just continues to stand beside Steve, looking at us. We start to think that maybe Jerry can’t fly, and so we feel bad and give him lots of pizza. People laugh as Jerry continues to stand with us.

This pizza place is right beside the entrance to an alley, so cars are pulling out RIGHT NEXT to Jerry, and Jerry just keeps standing there waiting.

He goes to walk back across the street, but cars are coming and going, and we’re yelling, “NO, JERRY! IT’S NOT SAFE!!!” because Jerry is now our adopted son. Jerry walks back and sits with us. We ask him a few questions, but he’s not much of a talker.

When we get up to leave, we wonder if Jerry will walk with us. Jerry just kind of stands there and looks at us, because, well, Jerry is a bird, and I suggest we keep walking because frankly I don’t think the pugs would take kindly to a seagull in the apartment.

We wonder if Jerry will strut back to the library, but he looks at us for a second more, and then FLYS AWAY.


What it means to have a dog

On the news last night Steve and I saw the story of a man whose 14 year old dalmation had gone down a sewer pipe. The man dug for hours, and ended up having several layers of rock and dirt fall on him as he dug with his hands to get to his dog.
The news outlet was there for when the man finally pulled his poor dog out of the sewer, and the pure elation and tears from this man made both of us well up.
I don’t know what I would do without my little pug family. Life is so different, and it is so much more fulfilling to get to live with animals again. Whether it’s coming home to see Winston and Zelda greet me at the door with kisses and lots of wiggles, or just sitting with them on the sofa–I really wouldn’t trade anything in the world for those dogs.
I would likely be down in a sewer drain myself if one of my dogs were stuck, and I felt really wonderful for the man when he finally had his beloved dog in his arms again. If you would have shown me that same news story two years ago, I would still be happy for the man, but now I know what it is to have my own little doggy family, and I wonder why I didn’t have one earlier?
They are my company when I am alone, they are my sidekicks on adventures, they are my suggle pugs at bed time, and they are my constant whiners for cereal when I eat breakfast.

Seriously though, I could do without the whining at breakfast, but I’ll let it slide.

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