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My little bee is hurt!!! Last night at 11pm (ish), Zelda and Winston started to scrap, as per usual. To establish the order of things, I let them scrap it out. They’re usually just scrapping over bones and such, but apparently last night it got a little out of control.

I think they were fighting over a bone, when they both stopped and jumped onto the new sofa. Then I look down at the sofa to see something dark. I think one of them has anal glanded on the new sofa, so I kick them off the couch (not LITERALLY, but you know). I look, and it is BLOOD. Like five very distinct stains of blood. We are quick not only to check who is bleeding, but to figure out how to get blood out of a brand new sofa!

Steve checks the dogs and I get to the cleaning, when I hear that it is Zelda that’s bleeding. While fighting, one of them has managed to rip one of the pads on one of her front paws almost completely off. It’s REALLY deep, but she isn’t making a peep. We panic in thinking that there’s not a lot of money to take her to the vet, but we’ve got to do it.

We find an emergency vet, and take her in. She gets checked by a vet who seemed a little…cranky? I don’t know how to describe her. She was mostly normal, but something about her put me off. Like when she was saying that Zelda was cute, she pretty much smooshed Zelda’s face with her whole hand. I don’t know about your dogs, but my dogs aren’t into having their faces grabbed…

Anyhow, a gloriously insane amount of money we have Zelda’s paw bandaged up and she’s got a lovely new neck cone to sport. In fact, they are SO amazing, SO FANTASTIC, that they cost us $70 for just the cone and a bangage (because she took off the bandage I put on…you know, the FREE one).

That’s not including the ridiculous price to see an emergency vet, as some of you may know. Steve lovingly spotted us the money for her visit though, for which I will have to do something very nice for him, like let him fart in the apartment as much as he wants.

Wait a minute, that’s just crazy!

Maybe just some extra love and kisses.

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