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Another reason to love Vancouver

via the Vancouver Craigslist site:

Will pay a girl to lock me up in the trunk of your car, truck, van, semi, mothorhome while im in my own lingerie for a hour. I will be willing to pay 100. I have pics, send pics. Being serious no fakers.

I would like a 31 day weekend, please.

My goodness! Today seems like yet another write-off for me, because it is raining and that has made me feel EXTREMELY SLEEPY. I again found myself just sitting and staring at my monitor. There are only two other people at work today, which is insane! I am not too sure why anyone comes in on Mondays really. Everyone else in this place is on vacation actually, so again, what am I doing here today? I’m not too sure.
On the bright side, it is lunch time soon, so I am going to go out and get myself some delicious treats.
This weekend was slower than most. I don’t think we did anything too thrilling. I finally got to sit down and enjoy the sofa we FINALLY got. This is the most wonderful sofa in the world. Oh man. I feel like I am sitting down on a big, expensive pile of professionally stuffed fabric—WHICH I AM!
The rooms in the apartment are looking more put together now that we have a lot of the furniture in the right spots. I am also doing some serious organization with drawer dividers. The crap that was once everywhere in my drawers is now artfully placed to appear more organized. We will see if I can keep it that way.
In exciting dog potty news, the dog pan is stinky. I am going to have to give that thing a once over every day. I put baking soda in the bottom of the pan to take out some of the punch, but man, two pugs can really make a LOT of stink.
Speaking of stink, Zelda is still on a turd-eating spree. It’s not so bad right now because Steve is working from home, but whenever she can, Zelda will poop, turn around quickly, and gulp town a dookie. I even upped her food, but alas, she is still eating feces.
Winston doesn’t eat turds, so he’s doing pretty good! He is still barking sometimes when he hears a neighbour in the halls, but the anti-bark collar I got him that sprays a lemony mist at him seems to work wonders!
In other interesting news, someone decided to fill the giant fountain in front of the art gallery with soap, thus creating a giant mound of suds outside of the gallery. Half of me thinks that it’s funny, and the other half is disappointed that someone would do something like that to a nonprofit. Hey, a corporation can take a hit, but is it really in the budget of a nonprofit to cover the complete draining and rinsing of an enormous fountain? Oh logic, how you spoil my fun sometimes.

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