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Just when you thought 8 hours of sleep was good enough…

Oh boy. Do you ever have one of those days where you suddenly realize that you’ve actually managed to sit and stare at your monitor for the first full hour of work?


I don’t know what’s up today, but I am like the walking dead. It’s like my own eyeballs have been put inside an animated corpse! I slept well, except that my meds are giving me horrid nightmares. The interesting thing is that my meds give me really gruesome nightmares from time to time, but because these meds reduce anxiety, I actually wake up thinking, “Hm, you know that dream was pretty terrible, but oh well, what’s for breakfast?!” Messed up. I sometimes think that my body is thinking since I had such an intense dream that I really have had no rest at all. In fact, that’s kind of how I feel at the moment!

In other news, I’d like to report that I will be very poor because there are so many good concerts coming to town.

And in other news still, I actually exercised last night. No seriously, stop laughing. I went and bought good running shoes, and went for a run! It felt pretty good, except the part where I sweated like a fat hog. I figure I might as well exercise a little bit since there’s actually a gym in the building I live in. And yeah, you know those naturally skinny girls that lots of women love to hate? US SKINNY GIRLS ARE WEAK AS A TWINKIE! I am pretty much without hardly any muscle. Haha, I pant so much from walking sometimes, it’s sick. That’s kind of what prompted me to take up running. I am hoping to not break out into a sweat if I have to walk home with groceries or something.

I guess it’s also good for my joints. Basically my body is made of jello and vaseline inside because almost all of my joints like to dislocate from time to time. You can just call me “Slippery Bones Martin”. We’re talking so slippery that I once dislocated my shoulder during a reading period from turning the page of a book in junior high.

You know what, maybe I should just toss my dreams aside and join the circus. I can teach Winston and Zelda to ride trycicles, and then Steve can try putting hair growth formula on his face like he’s always wanted to. Wouldn’t that be a lovely family portrait?

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