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Pride 2007!!!

Dust off your banana hammocks and join me on this photo adventure of the Vancouver Gay Pride Parade, 2007!
This was literally the first guy I saw. I like how the dude on the left is like, “HOLY CRAP! The guy that just passed me was wearing a lime green, leopard print banana hammock!” It was so beautiful.
We even brought the pugs to celebrate!

I was pretty happy to see this dude’s hat. It was very proud.
Ah yes, and here’s lime green hammock guy again. I love it. I wish I could have taken a front shot of him, because the banana hammock was INTENSE.
Here’s a photo for the ladies (and gents!): I am not even kidding that the song playing when this party float glided by was a techno version of that “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” that Brian sang on Family guy!
This is the largest wig I’ve ever seen.
I liked this float because it was a float of family members of people who have come out, supporting their family members in being who they really are!
And here are some other favorites: BANANA HAMMOCK MADNESS!!!!!
Apparently this queen looked a little better from far away……
They are oiled up, and they are FABULOUS!
And everyone’s fav, “Canada’s Hottest TRANSEXUALS!” I like the dude in an assless banana hammock. I really didn’t think a banana hammock could get any smaller or more revealing, but good sir, you have proven me WRONG.
This is my favorite, as I believe that every man looks delicious in a pair of American Apparel briefs (moreso in RAINBOW BRIEFS!!!)
Awwww, young love.
I am not sure where he’s put his pride, but I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t suck it.
And more rainbow banana hammocks!!!
AJ, I was pretty sure the gold bathing suit drag queen was you because I am pretty sure you would rock a gold bathing suit at pride, but who knows. Either way, you should get a gold bathing suit and a tiny fro wig and rock out. Much love.

Anyhow, we met some nice couples and had a pretty cool time. We ended up showing up a little ways into the parade, and it was SO CROWDED, so we didn’t get a very good view, but there were things to see all around, so I’d call it a success. I think it’s really great to be in such a progressive city. There were rainbow banners of support ALL OVER Vancouver. It’s pretty wicked.

So if anyone will be around here for Pride 2008, you only need to pack your shiniest banana hammock and a bottle of baby oil. Woo!

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