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Hey Dudes!

Man, sorry about the severe lack of posts, but Vancouver keeps me really busy!

This weekend all of our stuff arrived, so now the ENTIRE living room/dining area is packed to the hilt with our crap. Any by crap, I mean…well, crap because I can’t tell what anything is while it’s still in boxes! Steve made some nice headway into the pile of boxes today though, so that was pretty sweet. At least now we can see the TV!

Anyhoos, this weekend Steve’s mom and brother came into town with him, and Steve’s mom likes to walk.


Like, 4 miles of walking, to be precise.

If you click the map, you might be able to actually see WHERE MY FEET FELL OFF.

It was a pretty nice walk though, and since his mom used to live here, she showed us some sweet spots to go visit.

What was not so sweet was that we saw some guy barf on Robson right in front of this enormous Chapters (book store) and the Vancouver Art Gallery. IT WAS LIKE 11AM! WTF! He is just standing there and then BLAAAAAARG! TWICE!

I went into a shoe store and put on a Miu Miu shoe that cost $750. Do you want to know what $750 feels like? PAIN. It was not comfortable, and I thought that maybe for $750 that the shoe would actually feel nice. But no.

I tried on a sparkly stripper heel as a joke, and it was actually MORE comfortable than the expensive shoe.

Do you want to see what $550 will buy you?


I also saw a car that had a fountain on its hood. What’s up with that?!

OH OH! And I also got to see the dog restaurant, “Doggy Style”, which I will be taking Winston and Zelda to very soon!

And also, out of the blue, and I am not kidding you–a naked bicycle protest! WTF! I’m just standing outside of this yoga store on Denman, and all of a sudden I hear a shitload of bike bells, and I look over to see that there are like 150 people BUCK NAKED on bikes! They cycle towards us when I realize I HAVE MY CAMERA, so I took like ten photos, which I will be uploading….as soon as I find the box that the connector cable is in…

Anyhow, I have never seen that much sloppy nudity in my life! And all they were protesting was car emissions and how we should use other forms of transportation! WHAT DOES GETTING NAKED HAVE TO DO WITH IT? Absolutely nothing, but you know those hippies, they love getting nude for a cause!

Also, I am going to a pride parade with the pugs on the weekend. Oh man, I am seriously charging my camera batteries for a DAY before that.

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