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Life by the Sea

Is it sick that I have now lived on the coast…like RIGHT on the coast, and yet I haven’t been to the beach yet? I have only seen the sea from my car window as I head to work in the mornings! Let me say though that a commute to work that involves driving through a forest, and then by the sea isn’t really such a hard drive to make every morning.

It’s pretty much a sweet drive anywhere you go here. Probably moreso to me because everything is new. I even got excited when I saw a Lamborghini dealership. WTF?

Anyhow, today I made an effort to go to Granville Island for some pasta that I have longed for since I visited two years ago. Yes, they still make it, and yes, it is just as delicious. Delicious enough that I bought $9 worth!

Here we see the leafy entrance to Granville Island (and also several morons who actually DROVE there, which is like a parking death wish):

I can best explain Granville Island with this photo:
Most of the time you don’t know what’s going on, but you’re pretty sure you like it.

I stopped to have a snack under this pretty awning:
by several food vendors that were INSANELY BUSY. I’m sure it’s like that from morning to night. I sat by a nice old man who was possibly senile, but he seemed to like his tea a lot, so good for him.

I thought about sitting outside by the water, but around these parts the seagulls are big, and they are mean!
See how this one is looking at the camera? He is thinking about killing. Killing and eating.

Anyhow, I didn’t take any of these photos, though they are all of the areas that I was in, but they illustrate the glory as good as anything. I will absolutely have my camera on me at all times once my connector cable shows up tomorrow with all my other stuff! Woo!

I must be off though, Steve is due to arrive soon! Fourteen days without my Steve! EeeeeeP!


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