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Winston is pretty stoked about the dog park

And pretty tired!

So many dogs…seriously.

I saw two really fat beagles that made me laugh really hard, but then I kind of felt bad because they were so fat. Kind of like this:
Haha, actually they had this same tired hatred for life too. Fat beagles are hilarious and sad.

I also saw some kind of white terriers. I don’t know what’s with people and little white terriers! I mean, you could have an OBESE BEAGLE people.

People are pretty friendly at the dog park. Except for snooty old ladies. I don’t know what’s up with that.

Today Winston tried to jump into a fountain after the park because he was thirsty. Well, except that he chickened out right before and then almost hurled Zelda into it instead.

I have a blister from walking so much! Agh!

I also had a conversation on the street with a gay man who had AIDS and couldn’t afford groceries. He said I had fabulous hair, and I felt kinda bad because I was holding groceries at the time, but he just wanted some change for food. I wonder if he was really going to buy food with it?

It’s also been sunny out all day today, which is lovely because then I can see the inlet from my window really well. I like watching the little seabuses scoot around with people in it.


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