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Sometimes my life is as exciting as THIS!

Here’s how I intended to spend my day. Oh yes, and the large orange section is work…click to enlarge…

Now here’s what really happened:

I’ve got a pretty bad headache.

Dang. I don’t think I’ve had nearly enough water today! But that is a boring story.

So yesterday I took the pugs for a walk. Walks are likely going to be much more interesting now that I live in a really busy city. I live right near a fire hall and they were having this sort of “Meet your friendly, neighbourhood firemen!” day, which I didn’t know firemen did? but oh well. I walked the pugs by and I guess no one was really showing up to the fire hall, because they were pretty excited when I walked by. They invited me into the fire hall for cookies and milk. I’m not kidding. Actually, that sounds kind of like the beginning to a porno or something, but anyhow, they were nice dudes. I sadly declined because I had puppy walking to do!
So far, there are two kinds of people who own dogs here. The first kind of people only own dogs as show-pieces, and just walk them so they can parade around and be all hip. The second kind actually LIKE dogs. Fortunately, I am in the second group, and I imagine all of you are as well. The shitty thing about the first group is that they don’t actually understand why a dog would get upset at the prospect of not being able to sniff another dog’s junk. Zelda gets pretty upset when this happens. Like, she gets a really high-pitched bark and freaks out. It’s pretty embarassing. She is SO loud sometimes that people give me this “what is WRONG with your DOG?” look, to which I want to yell, “If you would just let my dog SMELL your dog, she would be fine!!!”
Alas, discussing ass sniffing in public is a social faux-pas. I say, EMBRACE DOGGY BUTT-SNIFFING!!! DO NOT BE ASHAMED!

Anyhow, while out for the walk I tried to take them to the inlet, which is basically like a small section of water that comes inland from the ocean. I can see it out my window, so I thought I might try to walk the dogs along there.

It was a seriously good call. I found an off-leash dog park! Not even five minutes away from my apartment! Winston and Zelda met a lovely little she-hulk kind of bulldog named Louise, who was early for a bulldog meetup. They also met two greyhounds and a puggle. Winston for some reason could really give a toot about the smaller dogs, but felt it necessary to speak to the greyhounds by giving several loud “woowoo” barks at them. I don’t think they caught the importance of his message.

Alas, I don’t have my camera connector cable, so I can’t relay the awesomeness of the bulldog, nor the five other bulldogs I saw arriving to the meetup, INCLUDING an ENORMOUS all-white bulldog that looked exactly like Meaty from the show Rob and Big (I wanted to put this in so Amanda would smile, because she would appreciate the Meaty reference). IT WAS SO BIG! I wanted to put a saddle on the bulldog and ride him home.

When we got home I realized we had been out for an hour and a half! LONGEST WALKIES EVER! It was actually enough to tire them out though, so that was a bonus!

Also, Zelda and I did an Andy Warhol photo shoot and she wanted me to show you her best photo because she looks so pawsome in it:

So stoic. So thoughtful. So baby Zelda.

Also, instead of a 45 minute drive home tonight, I took this really convoluted way home and it only took me 25 minutes! I actually had never been home so early yet! I didn’t know what to do with myself! In turn, I celebrated by having a 2 hour nap, which is probably why I have a headache now. I guess that’s not so much a nap as a COMA, but it’s all the same in my world.

I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere, anytime.


I don’t know what it is, but I really like this little show:

There are more episodes on Youtube if you’re interested! Just look for the Pinky Show.

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