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It felt like something was on my butt…

It’s pretty tiring living in Vancouver

As you can see, Zelda agrees with me.

Seriously though, I don’t know if the altitude change or humidity is doing it, or if I am just insane, but I am seriously DRAINED by the end of the day. Actually, the Duke and I were discussing how hard it is to breathe in humid air compared to really dry air and I think that may be part of it. I also forgot to take one of my anxiety pills today until the afternoon, so that kind of effed me up too! Agh.

Today was a good day. I met the Duke for a fashion frenzie on Main St. where I joyously shopped my little heart out. I bought a shirt made of freakin’ BAMBOO! It’s pretty awesome shopping out here, which is pretty bad for me because I like to shop. I basically have to buckle down and pay off my line of credit though, so for the next while I will be running a tight ship!

There was some huge street party in Yaletown today, but it was full of douchebaggery, so I wasn’t really interested in it (plus, I had shopping to do!). I DID see a dog agility course out my window, so I guess it’s a bummer to have missed that, but really I’d say my day was well worth it.

Wait, except the morning. Let me explain…

I get up all groggy (as usual for me until I get into the shower), and step into the shower. I go to turn on the tap and stick my hand under the fawcet waiting for the water to heat up to an LMizzle friendly temperature. In all my grogginess I end up standing there for at least a minute straight and then realize that the water is FREEZING COLD though it is set to hot.

Am I dreaming?

I turn the tap off and back on.


Now by this time I am getting a little cold since I have been standing around buck naked with my hand under a cold tap!


I step out of the shower and turn on the bathroom tap.



I think that maybe the landlady didn’t pay the water heating bill? Maybe??

I eventually just have to shove my head under a freezing cold stream of water just to get my face and hair washed, and in turn end up sneezing for ten minutes from the cold.

In all that badness though, I must report that the hot water is back on and I have since had a nice, LONG shower. Thank little baby jebus for that.

Apparently the hot water was out in the entire building. 30 floors of stinky yuppies!!!

I also was stupid and in my tired haze put dish soap in the dishwasher, thus transforming the dishwasher into a FOAM PARTY SUPPLIER.

I have several towels drying in the dryer, but the floor is nice and clean, so I guess that’s good!

Also, a lightbulb has burnt out in the kitchen already. Should I phone the landlady, or is this just a do-it-yourself kind of thing? I am just debating because really I’ve only been here seven days, so why should I h ave to front the bill?????

Anyhow, it’s 11pm and I have only read 15 pages of Harry Potter, which is pretty lame since I stood in line at midnight to get the damn book!

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