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Oh Winston, you huge doofus.

Sorry about the photo quality, dudes, but seriously, I only have one lamp to light my living room, so take that and eat it.

I figured this post would be better if I mulled over it as I wrote it, and as such, it will likely be more entertaining that today’s shiteous video posts.

Anyhow, Winston has taken up humping and barking a lot. I’d say we’ve got at least a 900% hump increase in the past week. What the hell is wrong with this dog? Is he trying to prove that Vancouver is “Winston’s Town, Y’all”? Either way, I’ve now seen his penis more times than I’d like to admit.
The dogs are doing generally well otherwise, and are in good spirits, as pictured here:
Oh they look at me with such love…or maybe it’s gas. I can’t really tell.

So really I don’t know if there’s anything I can do about the humps around here, so at least I can change th barking. I managed to walk into a dog supply store with a nice sale on a citronella anti-barking collar. As you can see, Winston is too stoked at the prospect of Zelda’s sweet ass to even notice he has the thing on:
So far it’s been working like a dream. He doesn’t know it’s the collar that’s spraying him either when he barks, but that’s just likely due to the fact that he has about 40 chins worth of fat under his head.
Either way, he only manages to get about one bark out before he gets a sweet blast of lemon to the nostrils, which I don’t even know if dogs hate, but I wouldn’t be talking if I got shot in the face with a lemon every time I talked either.
He’s taken up a sort of grumpy growl now, which is a lot easier to deal with than a screaming bark, so I’m pretty pleased with the situation.
Winston also maintains his gloriously retarded and unaware expression even after having been sprayed with citrus:
He’s good times.

I think I might have to stick this thing on Zelda when we go out for walks though, but I don’t know if her neck can even support the damn thing because she’s about the size of a melon. Maybe I’ll just punch her in the butt when she barks instead, no?

Yaletown: Full of Weiner Dogs and Weiners.

How to Wreck Your Colon:

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