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It’s hot out.

And this pasty white lady is inside packing. Shit.

I am sweating out of every pore. EVERY PORE. It doesn’t help that we have a huge window that faces the sun either I guess. Anyhow, I am moping around and backing because I am a warm weather puss, and I can’t handle heat. I think it’s like 30 degrees right now?
Good thing I am moving to a rain-heavy climate!
So far I haven’t packed the dogs by accident, so I think I’m doing pretty good. The rough part about packing half the apartment is that I can’t really figure out if I am done. Packing, you are NOT okay with me.

I also gave the dogs Gravol this morning to try a test run of trying to calm them down before a car ride.

Do you know what happened?


Basically, they could have probably been awake and coherent enough to actually drive THEMSELVES.

Also, I’d just like to talk about the fact that these fucking free treats are basically an attempt to kill my dogs. Okay, not seriously, but yesterday and the day before on TWO DIFFERENT treats, Zelda has choked. Like, I CAN’T BREATHE kind of choke. The first time she tried to swallow a whole bone chew and it got stuck in her airway, so I had to make her puke by shoving my finger down her throat. Then she choked again on another kind of treat yesterday, which was some kind of jerky chew of DEATH. That time I almost got my finger bitten off because she was still trying to eat the damn chew even though it was TRYING TO KILL HER.

Then Winston choked on a chew, and I started to think that these chews were free because they want to see how many DOGS THEY CAN KILL.

But no. They’re really great treats, it’s just that the pugs get so effing excited about treats that they try to INHALE them, and thus, LITERALLY INHALE THEM.

I called a local npro to see if they would like the treats, but I haven’t gotten a call. Maybe they know the secret of these treats…

Anyhow, let this be a warning to everyone to remind you to ALWAYS supervise your dogs when they get a chew treat of some kind.

Also, I think this is a sign that I shouldn’t try an LMizzle Don’t Eat It!

You know, unless you want to read about, “LMizzle chokes on chicken jerky and has dog preform CPR to revive her” or something.

Wait, don’t answer that.

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