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When Good Sales Go Bad

Okay ladies, I am here to give you a cleaning tip sent down from little baby Jesus himself. Here’s the backstory:
I am basically obsessed with Madonna’s line for H&M. I could drape myself in something from that line every day and look totally great. Plus, the line isn’t that expensive, so to buy more than a few pieces from this line has been more cost-effective than most shopping I do!
I do have one complaint though–why in the hell are her high heels like a foot high?!!?! I tried a pair on (because it’s getting around to Stampede time and EVERYTHING IS ON SALE, YAY!) thinking they might be pretty fly.

I could barely stand on one foot! What the shit, Madonna? These are like a foot high? Are you crazy?! I mean, they look fantastic, but I don’t want my foot stuck in “barbie foot” mode all day. I like heels and all, but it seems like if I wore these that I probably wouldn’t be able to bend my knees, or for that matter, walk. And I like to walk. It’s how I get from here to there.

Anyhow, I bought this outfit on sale (WOOO!) minus the scarf thing and the crazy belt because it’s very librarian chic…

It all fits like magical unicorns on me, and who doesn’t like magical unicorns? I get it home and look at the shirt and WHAT DO YOU KNOW, there is like this drippy-ass makeup stain down part of the back of the shirt. Now I’m thinking that I am going to have to return this fantastic score of a purchase and go into a deep fashion depression.


I recently bought an organic cleaning book that made me think that there has to be a way to get a shitty old makeup stain off of a shirt.

Actually, I am going to digress for a moment to complain, which is also something I like to do, and I think I do it pretty well. Who are these women that are wearing ten pounds of makeup that soil all the light colored clothing in the world? WHY DO YOU DO THIS? First of all, I don’t think ANYONE needs to wear enough makeup to actually leave a face imprint ala the shroud of Turin. I don’t want to think that someone has tried on my clothing before me, let alone know what they looked like! Secondly–do these people not know how to try on clothing?! I mean, okay, I can understand that sometimes a makeup ring can appear on the collar of a t-shirt or whatever, but the last few shirts I’ve seen that are white have had makeup stains on the front of a button-down shirt! Are they shellacking down with spray makeup all over themselves?

Anyway, so I was pretty bummed about the shirt, but I decided to take a look on the internet to see if I could find an organic way to clean the drips of makeup off the shirt.

The first thing I read about was good old fashioned shaving cream. I don’t know really how it acts when combined with dried liquid makeup, but the website said it works like a charm.


I squeezed some onto my hand and then rubbed it on the stains with a little hot water and then scrubbed with a toothbrush and VOILA! NO MORE STAIN!

So maybe next time you see a shirt or whatever that you’re totally getting a girl boner for, but it has a shitty makeup stain on it, FRET NOT! You can likely just rinse it out at home! Woo!

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