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Here’s how you move over a province! (I think)

I like to decorate homes. Maybe I missed my calling in life because I did so badly at math in high school, but I think I would make a pretty swanky interior designer. Since I get to move in LESS THAN A MONTH (HOLY CRAP!), I thought it was time that I re-evaluate our current décor.

I think the décor of our apartment currently fits more with the type of house that it is—old. I’ve been thinking that when I finally move that I’d like to make some upgrades in our furniture. I’m pretty much looking at a serious overhaul of a lot of our stuff—all within a few thousand dollar budget, of course.

I’m actually looking at buying a new TV, which is one purchase I’ve never made before! I’m looking forward to a nice, clear picture on the screen instead of the slightly blue-tinged right-hand corner of the screen that I have now. The TV that we have also emits this really awful, high-pitched noise that gets louder whenever something bright or white comes on screen. Needless to say I don’t enjoy watching shows where there’s a lot of snow involved.

Anyhow, before I go I am going to get a lovely LCD TV for Steve and I to watch. I guess it’s my last hurrah from going from a job that pays a LOT to one that pays enough to get by.

I also made the grand purchase of a sofa yesterday! Woo! I can’t wait to sit on it. Oh man. Anyhow, I bought it from the EQ3 in town so that I can have it made, and then have someone deliver it to Vancouver so that I save myself the PST! Don’t ask me why I am going so insane over saving around $14, just let me think I am really saving a whole lot of money. Money for glorious purchases like potato chips and slurpees and tuna subs and all the things I am currently craving.

Seriously, tuna? What’s up with me?! I go on these crazy tuna binges for weeks at a time, and then I don’t eat another tuna sub for two months! Perhaps the fish eater in me is getting prepared to chow down on sea life?

Anyhow, when I move I will be leaving with a shitload of blankets, the dogs, a TV, and some clothes. Yikes! I plan to make the whole apartment into a blanket fort for Steve’s arrival. That, or at least some kind of blanket nest ala Big Bird.

Man, I’m getting a headache just thinking of the move! EEEEEK!

Baby Photos!

Okay, so it’s been a while since Suki tagged everyone for baby photos, but I figured that it was time to remind you all of shenanigans past, when I first got my little puppy crew of awesomeness. Since it’s ladies first, here is one of the first photos I took of Zelda, and let me tell you, I literally had to stop myself from squealing with delight at this photo:

SHE WAS SO WITTLE (which, FYI, is smaller than little in my books)!!!

Oh my gosh, she was only 2.5 pounds when we got her and I remember her tummy being so puffy! She fit in the palm of your hand! I could die of cute overload at how little and adorable she was (and is, of course).
Here’s a photo from her first bath:
Again, excuse me while I die of cuteness! Oh man.

And here’s a photo from her first pug meetup. She was WAAAAY smaller than any of the other pugs, so we had to keep picking her up!

And now for baby Winston! Awww, look at my little English gentleman:
He was also ridiculously small! Five pounds of awesome dog!

Here’s where I taught Winston to fly:
I wish he could just fly me to work. That would truly be the best way to travel.

And one of my favorite photos of Winston getting caught after stealing a lolipop:

Oh my babies, I love them so much. I can’t even believe I wasn’t into dogs before these guys. What was I thinking?!

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