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Don’t make me club you.

I’ve had to do a lot of emailing lately, both personal and business emails, and I am a little miffed.  Since when did it become okay to just suddenly stop returning emails? 

Hey, if I email you asking about an apartment, and you take the time to email me back a few times, WHY DO YOU SUDDENLY DISSAPEAR AND STOP EMAILING?

I was talking to one gentleman who I believe may not speak very good English, but I asked him if he had a phone number so that I could call and ask my questions, because he would give two word answers in the emails.  He writes, “no no, sorry, just email and I will answer.”

I email five easily worded questions, and do you know what I get?


Wow, thank you for making me take time out to carefully type out some simple questions to you only to have you completely ignore my emails.  That’s certainly why I write them.

I’m also trying to make sure I get the lease on the apartment in Vancouver signed through sending emails and faxes back and forth.  Apparently the woman who actually owns the suite in the building I am going to be renting wanted to just speak to me to make sure we’re all on the same page (fair enough), but do you think I can get a hold of her?  NOPE.

That was making me a little uneasy as it’s rather stressful to rent from someone you will likely not ever see (long story, but I am dealing with her via her realtor).  That just makes me go, “OH HELL, THIS IS A SCAM.”  Then as soon as I say that I actually get a hold of the realtor and I feel okay again.  It’s just a pretty big gamble to get a job and home without ever seeing anyone in person.  I mean, I’m sure it’s just as stressful on their end as well, but to give notice to everyone and pack up—I just hope to high heaven that it all works out, otherwise I’ll be driving like 12 hours to go club some people.

Lost Pug!

This guy was lost in Calgary a few days ago. Amanda sent me an email about this, and posted it on her blog as well. Please pass this along to anyone who might have information on where Sunny has gone.

Name: Sunny
Species: Dog (Canine) Sex: Male
Size / Weight: Medium / 27.0 lbs Date of Birth: Dec 12, 2003
Coat Type: Short Smooth Coat Pattern: Bicolor
Coat Colors: Black / White Tail Type: Curled
Breed: 100% Pug
Declawed: No
Identification: Municipal: 319450 (Municipal)
Visible Markings: his chest is white and is right paw is white, the rest is black. He is licensed but not wearing his tag.
Date Lost: Jun 11, 2007
Last Seen: (McDougall Rd NE) Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Reward: $500.00
Circumstances: He ran outside a head of us to go to the bathroom (he was really really sick) and within five minutes he had disappeared. He has never run away before.

If Found Please Contact:
Lisa Peters

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