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Oh noes!

Ah glorious timing to have caught a cold from who knows where.  I likely believe I have caught this cold from being stressed out!  Thank goodness I’m on medication or else I’d have already jumped off a roof!

So the apartment hunt it still such a bust.  Not being able to see the tenant (even though I am delightful) is making it nearly impossible to get anyone to consider us to rent.  North Vancouver is a no go, as is an apartment that the Duke generously agreed to view on my behalf. 

I’m still trying to see if I can secure an apartment near the Duke and Princess Pointful actually, which would be sweet, but I also have two loft prospects for August in Gastown.

It’s rough trying to call about apartments and plan a ridiculous thank you event at work, and still look for jobs that might pay a little better, and do my normal job, and get cleaning and laundry done at home!  Agh!

We almost regret saying no to the insanely expensive apartment in Yaletown because it was so simple to be approved!  Blast. 

Anyhow, I apologize for the lack of posts as of this week, but I am now ripe with a nice cold, so hopefully by next week I’ll be okay!

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