There’s no place like home (I just wish I had one!)

So I’m still waiting for the North Van lady to get back to me.  It’s taking her a long-ass time to make a decision on whom to rent to, which I suppose could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who she’s not too sure about.

I actually had a confirmed apartment in Yaletown that was SO BEAUTIFUL, but they didn’t include any utilities, which would have brought the apartment to a sick, sick price. 

Well, sick for what I’d be making based on the job I took.

I’ve basically been sharking around craigslist ever since, trying to phone or email as covertly as possible in order to see what’s out there.  I’m a lurker! 

I’ve emailed who knows how many people asking if their places are still up for rent, but it’s a lot easier to get a straight answer from calling.  Sadly I am in probably the least private work environment, so I can only quickly call every few hours to inquire about places.

I will say that some of the places that are listed on a pet rental site, in fact, do NOT allow pets, which makes me wonder who monitors these sites.

Someone actually denied me because I live in a different city, which sucks, but I figured that would happen.

The thing that made me mad is that there was a HUGE garden suite available yesterday when I phoned the landlord, and somewhere between 8pm and midnight he emailed back saying, “oops, it’s been rented!”


OOPS?!  Agh.  Excuse me while I go punch my office chair.

2 Responses to “There’s no place like home (I just wish I had one!)”

  1. 1 Princess Pointful June 6, 2007 at 11:44 pm

    The honest truth is that you probably will have to wait until July to find a place for August.
    I wanted to be super on top of things and find a place way in advance, but there just aren’t that many availabilities until people give their one month notice. It’s really frustrating to feel like everything is so last minute, I know, but that’s just the Vancouver rental market.

    You really should try to come down for the beginning of July and just hit the pavement, if you can! That way you can charm them in person!
    Is that a possibility?

  2. 2 LMizzle June 7, 2007 at 5:29 am


    I am actually looking for July or August because my work wanted me to train for a week or two, which would be cool too. Woot! I get to quit soon!

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