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There’s no place like home (I just wish I had one!)

So I’m still waiting for the North Van lady to get back to me.  It’s taking her a long-ass time to make a decision on whom to rent to, which I suppose could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who she’s not too sure about.

I actually had a confirmed apartment in Yaletown that was SO BEAUTIFUL, but they didn’t include any utilities, which would have brought the apartment to a sick, sick price. 

Well, sick for what I’d be making based on the job I took.

I’ve basically been sharking around craigslist ever since, trying to phone or email as covertly as possible in order to see what’s out there.  I’m a lurker! 

I’ve emailed who knows how many people asking if their places are still up for rent, but it’s a lot easier to get a straight answer from calling.  Sadly I am in probably the least private work environment, so I can only quickly call every few hours to inquire about places.

I will say that some of the places that are listed on a pet rental site, in fact, do NOT allow pets, which makes me wonder who monitors these sites.

Someone actually denied me because I live in a different city, which sucks, but I figured that would happen.

The thing that made me mad is that there was a HUGE garden suite available yesterday when I phoned the landlord, and somewhere between 8pm and midnight he emailed back saying, “oops, it’s been rented!”


OOPS?!  Agh.  Excuse me while I go punch my office chair.

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