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Well, you don’t see that every day.

Someone just donated 15 boxes of clothes to our organization.  One of the boxes had a pair of POOPED IN underwear in it.

What is wrong with the world?!

Am I in outer space over here?

Oh man.  Moving, it seems, can be quite the royal pain in the ass!  After coming so close as to almost offer a lady my first born as collateral in proving just what an awesome tenant I am, she is still torn between Steve and I, and another couple.  Le poop!  I understand that North Van is a lot more North than a lot of the stuff I’d like about Vancouver, but this suite is in a house that has just totally been redone, and the rent is RIDICULOUSLY cheap and is all-inclusive. 

I went on a mass-emailing spree last night in an attempt to gain more prospects for apartments.  So far there are a few nice places that are a little closer to where I’d like to be, but they’re also a little more expensive.  All of them are at least dog friendly though!  Thank goodness we don’t own a huge dog, or we’d be SOL!

All I know is that I keep finding things out about my workplace that literally make me want to spit, and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt like this before.  I’m not even talking spit on a co-worker in a “you suck” kind of way.  I just want to spit because I am so disgusted with the garbage I am dealing with right now that I am literally thinking of quitting two weeks earlier just because I am almost at the point of being emotionally tormented.  It’s crazy!

I should just leave dog poop in my drawers when I leave!  Ha!

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