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Seven Facts About My Pugs:

Okay, so it’s been a little hectic on my end, and so I apologize that I haven’t been able to do this sooner, but here goes nothing!

Seven lovely facts about my puggies:



  1. He thinks he’s a cat.  He learned cat-like skills such as getting onto our side-tables from our old cat, Bella. He will use his climbing skills to retrieve bags of chips off of the table for him and Zelda to eat.
  2. He does not approve of naked Steve.  He shows his distaste for naked Steve by barking a big “woowoo!” at him.
  3. After his breakfast, Winston likes to come back to bed and make sure he snuggles with me under the covers.  If I am not awake when he tries to get under the covers, he will smush his face into the covers until he finds an opening.
  4. Winston hates wearing hats, but likes to wear shirts.
  5. Our “release” word for obedience training with him is “SHAZAM!”
  6. He gives his hi-fives with his left paw.
  7. He believes that my swiffer wet jet is his mortal enemy and that it is only dead when he manages to rip the cleaning pad clear off.



  1. Zelda goes into these little fits in the dog bed where she barks at a really high pitch and smashes her face into the soft border of the bed.  She doesn’t bark like this at any other time.
  2. She gets REALLY mad at Winston when he watches her getting her teeth brushed.  She will leap off of Steve’s lap to attack Winston after her teeth are all clean and flip out at him until she has him cornered.
  3. Zelda likes orange creamsicles, and will actually bite a creamsicle if you offer it to her.
  4. Zelda HATES wearing pretty much any clothing, but especially dresses.
  5. When Zelda meets someone new, she gets such big wiggles in her tail that it forces her to lay down, and then she has to put one of your fingers in her mouth to “taste” you.
  6. She likes to ride on my shoulders if I’m just walking around the house.
  7. If I say, “it’s time to go to sleepies” at night, Zelda will make sure she brings a stuffed animal to bed with her.

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