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500 drunk women on a mountain = an evening I won’t soon forget!


All I can say is wow.

I spent all yesterday with a bunch of middle-aged women on a mountain, and let me tell you, things got crazy.

I would show you photos that I had taken on my camera phone, but they include photos of my boss dancing on a table and spinning a microphone around that she stole from the entertainment.

How do I sum it up….

Well, after the long speeches we had to attend, a tourist bus (or rather 3) took us on a tour of Banff, complete with snacks and wine. This is probably where it started to go downhill. One of the women thought they’d be funny and steal all the red wine. Then they all screamed with delight when we saw some mountain goats. Then they had their fourth or fifth helping of wine. Then we got to our dinner location.

From there I got to see some drunk women roll around on the grass, a few of them try to calf-rope a metal cow while trying to balance on a metal horse….

It was MAYHEM!

The evening ended with several staff members dancing on an elevated fire pit, rushing the stage, and even chanting, “ELK, ELK, ELK!!!!” when we saw an elk on the bus ride home.

It was like I was on some hidden camera show. So ridiculous.

I’m glad it’s over, but oh man, I don’t ever want to do that again!

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