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Likely Brain Implosion in: 3……..2……1……..bleeehhhh.

Okay, I am having a little anxious freakout, and I thought I’d take you along for the ride.

I am sixty days away from Vancouver! AAAAAH! Crazy. It still doesn’t seem real to me!

So I have a job I guess, and I also got called by this AMAZING Arts Organization , which is located on Granville Island. GORGEOUS. I am thinking maybe that job would pay more, so I have a phone conference interview next week for that. It’s pretty great that people are phoning me despite the fact that I’m in a different city. I didn’t know if that was really going to hold me back or not.

I have a feeling that apartments are going to be a pain in the ass if we don’t get this North Van place. What’s with people hatin’ on dogs?! I mean, my dogs are pretty much like barking, fat cats. Why do apartment landlords like cats more? I mean hell, Winston and Zelda use a LITTER BOX!

I am also headachy because I have to work on a Saturday. Gross. I have to go to this National Conference in Banff, and some of you know how much I love Banff. Anyhow, I have to go see some speakers, and then my boss is forcing our department to go for dinner at some craphouse, woodsy BBQ place, which will make me feel right at home considering I am a vegetarian. Is it wrong of me to want to skip out on the dinner? I don’t even get to put in for overtime on this! I do get my gas money back though, which is radical considering it’ll cost me like $55 for a tank!

I also don’t want to go because I won’t even be working at the same place in three months! What is the point?! I have to go to save face though. Ugh. And wait! I ALSO don’t want to go because I got some interesting information regarding my bosses intentional oversight of the fact that I had connections at a certain large corporation that just gave us a $20,000 grant. I don’t get it, I just don’t get it.

Hopefully no one will even notice me at all and I can feel free to step out at any time. Maybe I’ll just run into the woods and hide from all the middle-aged women at my org. until sundown.

Okay, my head is feeling a little better now.

It’s probably just all the covert stuff I have to do to look for jobs and find apartments that like dogs and figure out how and when we’re moving, and still maintain the same workflow and house-cleaning regime (although that’s been lacking as of late…).

Today was also convocation of my year of graduates, and I had to miss it because my boss gave me a project at last minute. Le sigh. I wasn’t walking the stage (as I pretty much despise the staff at that place), but I was trying to go to see my friends and Steve graduate. I had to miss this huge moment because I have to keep chugging away at my desk and fake that everything is all good and that I am happy to be here and am striving to make sure I do a good job. Blah!

Oh Silly Me!

Well, I didn’t think my new banner would make my blog look so depressing, but apparently I’ve taken it to the emo extreme with this one.
I’m gonna play around with this today and see if I can’t find something a little….happier?

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