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On having my mouth assaulted.

Ah yes friends, I am sitting at my desk with half of a frozen head after spending an hour and a half getting some cavities filled.  As if it’s not awesome enough to even HAVE cavities, I get to sit around not being able to drink or really eat for the next hour as well! Luckily it’s all for the best, and I will be enjoying some delicious nachos later tonight while I watch Johnny Depp prance around in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie!

I have to say that frankly, this is the most wonderful dentist I’ve ever had.  She’s fast, does really excellent work, and is really nice to boot!  Thank goodness for that because if I had to have a crappy dentist for all of my cavities, I’d probably poop my pants and pass out.

I currently look like I have received a really terrible Botox injection as I can only muster a half smile.  I’m frozen up to my eyelid!  It’s always weird touching your face when it’s frozen like that because for the first time you get a sense of how it feels to touch your face from someone else’s point of view.  It’s very strange.

Actually, the only really bad thing about this is that I can’t drink anything because there are no straws here.  Oh how I am lustfully glancing at my delicious kiwi strawberry beverage….when will I finally get to CONSUME YOU??!??!

On sort of the same topic, I was talking to a co-worker about teeth.  She noted that she thinks it’s entirely all too useless to have such weak teeth.  Why do humans have to go through all of this dentistry if animals don’t?  You don’t see a deer walking around filling other deer’s teeth, right?

Then she said that she thought it was silly to brush a dog’s teeth since they are animals.

I come from the place where I, personally think that it will save you money in the long run if you brush your dog’s teeth.  They get cavities too!  Plus, humans eat a lot more crap, and live a hell of a lot longer than other beings.  Yeah, some or all of our teeth will eventually drop out, but I think we do pretty good for how long we generally live!

You don’t see a deer complaining about a toothache or cavity for one, because it doesn’t know it has a cavity, two, a deer can’t complain in English or any language for that matter, and three, a deer doesn’t get to eat candy, or drink pop or lattes, or eat delicious, delicious nachos.

If there is a deer out there like that, I’d like to meet them because that would be pretty great.

Celebrity Look-a-Likes!

It actually took me a while to figure these out, but I think I managed to capture the right people! I got tagged by Bently & Nico to name some celebs that my doggies look like:

I think Zelda looks like Amy Winehouse. They can both get pretty mad sometimes, and they both like pink!
Then there’s Winston. I think it was an obvious choice here:
Spunky, happy, go-lucky, it’s all there.

I tag Meimei and Miko,Panda, and Ronin!

Are you KIDDING ME?!

I wake up.  It feels slightly cold in the house.  Maybe it's raining.



Excuse me, nature, but is it not May 24th?!?!?!

Now I feel all messed up from the extreme shift in weather!  It's like a hangover, but without any of the previous fun!

Because I rocked out so hard in elementary school.

If you look at the top, left-hand corner of this photo, you will see just how hard I rocked out in elementary school. My hot vest and shirt were from Sears.

Ahhh Zelda

You and Winston figured out how to slide the footstool over to the chair by the dining room table, and proceeded to help eat half a bag of ketchup chips, and then you ate a wax covering for a Babybel cheese! Bad girl!!!

I think you figured out that you had done wrong when you puked up a HUGE amount of stuff onto the bathroom floor. Poor girl!

I also think you have a zit on your lip. Ah to be a teenager! At least, I hope it’s a zit, but I don’t have that much experience with dog zits…don’t worry though, you’re still beautiful!

When I’m thirsty, I like a nice glass of cold sweat!

So I went to this Asian supermarket in my city for the first time recently. It’s basically the best thing to happen to supermarkets since bread. I found a nice bottle of sweat there. WITH IONS. Because sweat with ions just tastes better.

I also bought some delicious Haw Flakes. What are Haw Flakes, you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA.

For the Hello Kitty lover in all of us (or maybe it’s just me and a billion Asians), I bought some CRAZY DELICIOUS coconut animal crackers shaped like Hello Kitty and friends. I swear that these are the most delicious little cracker things I’ve ever had. The packaging is so cute I didn’t even want to eat the crackers. Love it!
And here is something I saw in a bento box. They are chocolate marshmallows! WTF!!! They are reasonably good, but nothing to write home about.
Okay, this isn’t food, but it’s still fantastic. In fact, this label is on my fridge because i like the sponge so much. It’s basically a magic sponge, but without Mr. Clean, and WITH A FANTASTIC JAPANESE CHARACTER!

And some lovely delicious JUBES of delicious strawberry. yumyumyumyumyum!!!

I got some other sweet scores too. It’s nice to shop at a more ethnic supermarket and get some really good treats!

Okay dentist.

I can't believe you found THAT many cavities THAT fast.

I brush my teeth on a regular basis, and I try to floss twice a day too! What gives?!

I will now use up a year's worth of dental in just over a week to fix ONLY ONE SIDE OF MY MOUTH!

Yes, I am blessed with a softer bone tissue in my mouth, like my sister and mother, and all of our teeth get cavities LIKE THAT!!!!!!

Okay, I admit, I haven't been to the dentist in a year or so.  Wait wait, it's been two.  Now before you throw up in your mouth because I haven't been in a while, I'd like to say that my mother decided she hated the dentist I was going to and told me never to go back because they were overcharging.  I complied.  I also began working contract work at that point, and up until January, had no dental to fall back on…or a dentist for that matter…

I found a lovely female dentist right by my house, so I booked an appointment thinking that I could use my dental plan money to fix my one canine tooth that's a little too far back.

But no.

I won't even tell you how many damn cavities I have.  Let me say that I am good to my teeth.  I take care of them, but genetics will really get to you in these instances.  They remarked how I have little to no plaque, and somehow have several cavities.

It's a good thing I don't mind going to the dentist!!!

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