Let them eat cake!

So Winston was pretty excited to eat some cake.

“Hey, Zelda, get your damn party hat on!”
He posed briefly for a photo session with his birthday hat on. As you can see, he absolutely LOVES having a hat on.
Steve even tried to get him excited about the hat, but he refused.
Anyhow, after we laughed at him in a hat for a good five minutes, we lit the candle and sang him happy birthday! I thought he might snort the candle into his nose or something, so I just blew it out. He still remained stoked at the prospect of trying to eat a whole cake.
We put the cake down on a pee pad and let ‘er rip. I’ve never seen him look so insane. Seriously. He was scarfing down this cake like he was never going to eat again. EVER.
He let Zelda eat with him for a brief time before he freaked out at her for eating a tablespoon of cake.
They licked all of the peanut butter first, and then got down to some serious cake eating.
They got cake all over their smooshy little faces!
Here’s where Winston freaked out and wouldn’t let Zelda eat any cake. I had to cut Zelda a piece of her own cake!
Winston stuck to his method of eating around the entire cake.
and eating, and eating, and eating….
Zelda decided to move her cake onto the floor and eat it from there.
She finished her cake and I had to eventually take the cake away from Winston even though he was still eating it pretty heavy duty.

1 Response to “Let them eat cake!”

  1. 1 Katy May 21, 2007 at 10:12 pm

    Holy crap! How much of the cake did he eat?! LOL! I love how he ate around the cake first…so cute!

    Those pics of Winston in his hat are hilarious! You should put a hat on him every day 🙂

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