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I wonder…

Ah yes, after much contemplation I am again having a dilemma. 

Perhaps you can help, yes?


When it comes right down to it, should I really bother investing in a really good couch right now, or should I purchase perhaps a less fantastic one since my dogs are still puppies?


I can get a couch that is absolutely gorgeous, and made to my specs for around $1,000.  That, or I can buy a couch from Ikea for around $450.  The couch that’s $450 is one that was used in a display, so it’s an extra good deal.  It’s got a slipcover, so I can eventually buy another cover if the dogs puke on it or something. 

With the fancy couch, it’s apparently got fabric that is “great for pets”, which means it’s pretty stain resistant. 

The couch that I bought from Ikea a year and a half ago is getting pretty bad.  I’ve had to take the cushion covers off so many times that the stitching is coming undone on the bottom of one of them!  Blech!  However, this wasn’t a couch that had a real slip cover on it, so it wore down faster than normal.

This is a pretty domestic problem, but if anyone has advice, it would be appreciated!

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