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Photo Recap!

I’ve been hangin’ out with the pugs over the past few weeks, but haven’t had a chance to upload them, so here’s a few photos of some cool stuff:

It managed to rain two weeks ago for maybe two days, which was pretty sweet as a tiny, TINY prep. for what awaits us! I had managed to find two rain coats for the pups at Unleashed, which is a really cute store by me.

Notice how my rain boots match Zelda’s cute little jacket.

Winston is sporting the more many camo pattern.
Both dogs have taken quite the liking to picking up sticks in the yard, which is a pretty basic dog thing to do, but is cute every time.
Sneaky boot picture!
Again, Winston likes chomping enormous hunks of grass. This is me busting him on it.
And again with the stick. Hey, what’s brown and sticky? A STICK!
Here is some post walkies relaxation in the kitchen. Notice the escape-proof harness that the lovely folks at Urban Vibe Pet Photography suggested to me!
And here are some more early morning photos of how absolutely dead tired the dogs are.

“Uuuuuugh, what the hell is going on??”
“Mom, seriously. No camera. It’s so eaaaarly.”
“not again….nooooooooo.”
“Oh I just want to sleeeeep…..”

Awww, look at that smooshy face. So floppy with wrinkles.

Ahhh I love these pugs.

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