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Sometimes I am dissapointed in society.

I think I finally know why I find my position so frustrating. I was reading a blog that was written by a local news anchor who stayed in our shelter last night, and I was reflecting on the stories she wrote about the women she had encountered since last night. At one point she was talking to a woman who was unsure of her future.

“what will you do after this?” she asked

“I don’t know, I’ll probably go back to my partner.”

Then it discussed the anchor’s pure shock that a woman would go back to an abusive partner.

I read back a few posts, and read about how the room she stayed in was so small, and she can’t imagine women having to live in such a small space for a whole year.

That’s the reality of it though. This is the truth that no one wants to look at.

Did you know that every minute of every day a Canadian woman or child is being sexually assaulted? In fact, the province I live in is actually the highest in Canada for domestic violence. This is the disgusting truth.

Then I thought about why I get so frustrated when I am at work sometimes. As I read on, deeper into this anchor’s blog I realized that in all reality, my job shouldn’t even have to exist at all.

If only I could stand up and shout, “Do you want to know why you should donate to our organization? BECAUSE YOU ARE A PART OF SOCIETY.” We shouldn’t have to use what little money we have to lure people into giving us money to help women and children who are being abused. You know why you should give money to help stop the cycle of violence? Because it is a human rights violation. What if it were you? What if you woke up every morning with bruises all over your body because your partner had beaten the crap out of you in front of your children the night before? What if you had to wear makeup on your body to hide the bruises that his or her hands left behind? What if it was your mother, sister, niece, or aunt? No, it’s not nice to think about, but it’s happening. It’s happening everywhere and to people you wouldn’t even expect. It might even be happening to you right now.

I think this is mostly a problem with large companies. We have to basically be the sexiest cause, or the coolest cause of the moment to gain attention. And it’s this fact that makes me so disappointed in modern society. There are literally SO many problems in the world, that it’s making charities offloaded from the GOVERNMENT fight to the bitter end to try and win the hearts and minds of anyone they can for support. When I think about how many causes there are it really just makes me sick.

Why should a woman have to deal with the abuse her partner dishes out? Because there’s not enough information out there or funds to be able to help everyone. And for that, I am so sorry.

Why should animals have to be abused and left for dead by their owners? Because there is not enough information or funds available to help all the animals.

If you can help any organization of your choice, I urge you to do so. I urge you to give what you can to a cause you believe in, and do it not for the recognition. Do it because it is that cause that you would like to help out. Don’t restrict the funds. The biggest gift you can give a nonprofit organization is the gift of unrestricted funding. Funds to help buy a comb for a woman who comes into a shelter with nothing but what she’s wearing. Funds to help save one of the many hundreds of animals that we are killing every day around the world. Funds to pick up something fresh for the hungry other than just non-perishable food items.

I know not everyone can afford to give to charity. If you are though, don’t wait for someone to knock on your door, please just lead the way yourself. You have no idea how much it would mean.

"Yeah, and the twentysomething over there gets to drink POP!"

The great thing about working in an office where 98% of the women are on a weight program is that there is ALWAYS chocolate around. There’s even a cupboard that contains a little goldmine of delicious candy bars where I work. They’re just in smaller portions. For instance, I just ate a single Kit Kat stick. Apparently it’s 90 calories, but I don’t really know what calories are, but I assume someone reading this does. Is that a lot for a piece of chocolate? I just find I am not satiated by a single stick. I need a whole bar! WHERE ARE THE OTHER THREE PIECES?! Oh yeah, in my mouth.

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