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This is why I love him

“Srsly…Like I had a dream that a burger was trying to take a bite outta me.Normally I’d wake up hungry and confused. but today I didn’t.”
-Steve, on having bad dreams

A Lesson for City Folk

Ahh nature. You are a mysterious lady to a lot of people. This was incredibly visible when Steve took me to one of the larger, nicer parks in town, Prince’s Island Park for a nice little afternoon.
I can’t claim that I spend a glorious amount of time outside (I’m pretty white, like we’re talking ghostly white, so I burn in five minutes), but I think I at least have a reasonable knowledge of nature. Hey, let’s not even call it knowledge; let’s just call it common sense. With this common sense comes the idea that yes, it is neat to see animals in their natural habitat, hanging out in nature, but I probably shouldn’t attempt to touch/love/feed them as it will greatly disturb their way of life and/or get me killed.
I think we all kind of learn this after trying to chase birds that are hanging out at the zoo or whatever.
Sadly, I was greatly mistaken.
When you take city folk and put them in nature, say, a park, it’s like they become nature-retarded and can’t help but act like complete morons.
Take, for instance, the fact that this particular park is absolutely bursting with Canadian Geese. For those of you who don’t know the Canadian Goose, let me just say that they are probably the biggest asshole bird found in Canada.
These things hiss, they are relatively large (let’s say like 3 feet tall), and will actually attempt to murder you if you try and feed them only a few scraps.
They are about as beautiful as they are crappy, so they’re pretty fun to be around.
Anyone who has ever fed a Canadian Goose knows that this thing will go into crazy bird “eat your face” mode when you feed it bread crumbs, and then try to touch it.
You may think, why would I pet a wild bird? I DON’T KNOW. I swear if tigers roamed free in North America, so many people would be killed trying to pet the big kitty.
Not only are people trying to constantly pet Canadian geese, they are constantly trying to pet and/or pick up the Canadian goslings.
I understand when a kid does this, as a kid is naive enough not to know that if you do this, the mother will likely reject the gosling, but come on, when an ENTIRE family goes running to the waters edge to try and collect the goslings, do you honestly think that the bird is going to be like, “okay, sweet. These crazy looking folks with outstretched arms look like they will make for a rather relaxing encounter.”
I think Steve said it best when we were talking about this as we watched several families try to will baby birds onto the river bank.

Seriously? Would you walk onto the plains of Africa and try to pet an elephant?!

This happens everywhere. When I lived in Banff I would walk to work every morning, and 9/10 times there would be a deer within VERY close proximity. It’s exciting, but I am not about to go insane and try to hug a wild animal. I couldn’t believe the amount of times I saw people trying to actually pose near a wild animal while I was living there, and hell, I was only there maybe 2 months!

I can’t remember the exact animal, but someone actually tried to put their kid on a rather large animal once to take a photo while in Banff. I’m pretty sure it was something ENORMOUS like a moose. Don’t put your kid on a moose!!! Would you put your child in the arms of a cannibal who hasn’t had breakfast?! It’s pretty much the same thing.

Who gets the idea that, “Hey! I am going to put my kid on the back of a wild animal that is probably frightened because it has wandered into town. Then the animal will hold still long enough to let me actually take a photo of it with my kid.”

Gee, would you like the moose to put on a smoking jacket? Actually, while you’re at it, get the poor animal a bubble pipe to smoke, won’t you?

pug stories

For whatever reason, some of these photos aren’t showing up, even though I loaded them correctly yesterday, so my apologies if you can’t see the puggy goodness!
The puppies were very busy this weekend in the back yard. Particularly Winston, who felt the need to bark profusely at the neighbors in order to make his presence known. Oddly enough, he also felt the need to make sure that several species of bird know he was around as well. I just think this is odd considering the fact that he was born last year around this time (his birthday is May 20th!), and yet he’s very confused about birds. He’ll pretty much bark at a bag though, so I shouldn’t over think it.

Zelda was an angel by comparison. No barking or anything, just running around the yard in the sunshine in a fit of joy. She also kept a close watch when Winston went into bark mode.

Winston also has learned to go potty outside and inside. Now, I’m not one to take a photo of my dog taking a pee on a regular basis, but do you notice how absolutely relaxed he looks? It looks ridiculous! It looks like he’s just thinking, “Aaahhhhh, yes. This is truly wonderful.”
It’s pretty weak, but I can’t see the rest of the photos, but I have a feeling they are rather adorable…If they show up eventually I’ll write about them too!

On a side note, I don’t like Mondays. Well, except for the fact that Heroes is on!

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