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Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend

It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things to do:

-Go see Spiderman 3
-Zelda starts obedience school
-dishes (blech)

It’s been raining for the past two days, which is pretty cool, since it’s the kind of weather that I’ll have to get VERY familiar with in a few months. The move is getting closer, and I’m checking out job boards and apartment listings to see what kind of stuff is out there. Things are looking pretty good, although I can see having to spend maybe upwards of over 30% of my income on a place to live, which is really only a little bit more than places cost here, so I’m sure it’ll work out. I’ll be excited to explore another city soon enough though, as I think I’ve pretty much explored all of the reasonable areas of this city as I can.
Soon will come the days of walking the dogs at the beach, or in a huge forest, or maybe even over some cracked out bums on the street! Winston will surely be able to get his bark on at some hobos, who I’m sure will just laugh at the small sausage dog in return. That, or they might eat him. You never know.
Then there’s the shopping, ooooh the glorious shopping that awaits me! We are close to a dangerous time my friends, a time where I will likely lower my own credit limit to prevent a disastrous, but entirely fashionable excursion around the city.
I found it pretty entertaining driving home in the rain last night. It seems like this city is entirely unprepared for anything except snow and heat. I counted several people with really trashy broken umbrellas, just trying to get home fast enough to be only partially soaked. Why do people keep shitty umbrellas? It’s not like they are helping anyone. It’s like walking home with a garbage bag!
I tried out my rain boots for the first time last night when I went on a nice little walk with Winston and Zelda. You know what I don’t get? Why is the inside of a rain boot basically a test of your strength and determination?!?! I put on socks to keep my feet warm, and I was stuck in my kitchen with the dogs going apeshit (my fault for even mentioning the word, “walkies” around them) trying to wrestle on my boots without stretching my socks so hard that I lose circulation in my toes. Maybe it’s my wide-ass feet. I don’t know.
Also, why are rain boots so high??? I am not planning on entering the damn ocean in them, so wouldn’t it just be easier to put on the boots if they were just a half a foot lower???

Where I’m from

In response to Suki’s blog, here a some photos of where I currently live:

This is downtown, and actually, most of the photos of Calgary are of downtown, so you don’t get to see the obscene urban sprawl that is this city! I live downtown though, so I don’t generally get stuck in all the crappy traffic and whatnot. I can actually see the Calgary tower from my dining room window!
Here’s a pretty rad photo of my city. This is clearly much more colorful than normal..unless it’s like the last week of August. Everything is green by then, but it only lasts a few months! Also, this photo would give the illusion that we all have fantastic views of the mountains, when really only the people who own million dollar houses on the hill that this was taken on do.
This is the saddledome. It’s shaped like a saddle. This is where our hockey team likes to go to suck. (I KID!)
Here’s where I’m going to be moving!
I think this is probably what Vancouver looks like a lot, basically cloudy.

Now this city is where you can actually see the mountains from all over the place! Woo!
Mountains, the city, the beach!!! I am excited to take Winston and Zelda to the ocean. Actually, I’ve never been in the ocean myself, so it will be a first for me too! Pray that a whale doesn’t get me! Aaaah!

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