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Pug Party!!!

Well it was a sweet evening of pug madness, with a helping of video game goodness last night. My schoolmate Steve R brought his pug, Tory (short for the Notorious D.O.G.) over for a visit!
Right off the bat it was pug madness. Obviously I will take any opportunity to amuse myself, so I put Zelda into her new springtime dress, which she immediately tried to rip off of herself:

It was actually a good evening for good photos. I think I may actually have gotten the hang of all the settings on my camera! I caught this one as Zelda ran straight at me after smashing into Winston. She looks so cute I could just smoosh her! Notice the starburst sparkle in her eye. MAGIC!!!
I also tried out Winston’s new “Business Casual” shirt. He was feeling pretty pimped out, and watched the action from a nearby chair in the living room:
And here’s a nice little photo of the three lovely pugs hanging out together. Tory is pretty wicked. I spilt applesauce on his back.
I think he had a little crush on my baby Zelda. I had her in my lap at one point, and Tory actually started whining quietly while looking at her, and didn’t stop until I put her down. This actually became a running joke because he was kind of acting like the nerdy dude in junior high who likes the pretty girl. Any time Zelda actually came near him, he had no idea what to do. She even layed beside him and he sat up just looking at her like, “uhhhh, what do I do guys?”
Winston stayed closeby to make sure his little sister was safe.
Tory also has the worst breath!!! He’s such a good dude, but it smells like he ate his own ass when he kisses you.
Winston was a big fan of my jokes last night. I like to keep him entertained.

Of course you have to keep company entertained:
Zelda was a good girl last night and managed to only pee and poop on her paper, which was a nice relief, since I had to get a new rug to replace the pee pee covered one we have had for a year.
I also good in on the puggy good times by being trampled several times by the dogs.
I was doing this with both Steve’s were deep into some nintendo Wii:
At the end of the night, Tory was pretty pooped from hanging out:
Good times!

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