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Happiest dog photo. Ever.

I can’t help but post this. This is Martha the Boston Terrier (her link is on the side). I have seriously never seen such a happy dog! So great.

The Vegetarian Cooks Meat!

Yes, this is what I will do for my dogs. I will actually prepare MEAT.
Let me say, after so many years of NOT eating meat, the smell of beef cooking really grosses me out.
I’m used to cooking veggie meat and having the smell of tofu fill the house, not animal carcass!!! At least I now know I can actually cook meat. That’s kinda cool.
It’s pretty funny sending a vegetarian out into the meat aisle to become a connoisseur of meats. I was so lost!!! All I know is that beef is the cheapest, and ground beef slaps onto a frying pan when you cook it.
I cooked about a weeks worth of dog food tonight, which was actually pretty relaxing, and made me feel like I was actually accomplishing something instead of sittin’ around watching tv (though it IS a good passtime).
My vet researched a few veterinary textbooks and we agreed on a recipie together that is pretty easy to change with veggies that are in season. Forgive me that I am not posting it currently, but it’s all the way in the kitchen, and I am comfy on the couch! I will post it later though!
Basically it contains about 60% brown rice, 30% ground beef, 10% green beans at this point. You can actually change out any meat, any starch, and any veggie, so I’ll be able to make a lot of different flavors for the pugs. It didn’t take too long either, which was a bonus.
I think overall we spent $30 on the food, so I’m going to try and keep tabs on how much money it costs to feed them myself. I had to buy some extras that ought to last a long time, including bone meal and coconut oil. The bone meal is basically just powdered bone, which is good for them, and the coconut oil is reccomended to be QUITE the “do everything” kind of product. It’s good for dogs that are having troubles with joints, you can rub it on bug bites (on dogs), and a teaspoon a day keeps the coat soft and shiny. Apparently it’s good for humans too, but it tastes like assholes and gym socks (smells great though), so I don’t know if I’ll be willing to ingest it to see the glorious effects.
They gobbled up the food this evening, so hopefully I can stay on track and HOPEFULLY Winston won’t suddenly decide he doesn’t like it because I’m running out of food!

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