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I just realized that I have been bloggin’ on this here blogland for three years this month! Happy blogiversary to me!
Some of you may wonder why my blog history here doesn’t go back three years. And that comes with a very long story. A story which I won’t get into on here, because frankly, it’s pretty stupid. If you know the story of Dooce, you pretty much can piece together what happened to me.

Anyway, I’m gonna go eat a piece of chocolate or something to celebrate.


White Flag!

Okay, well, while I am home today again, I felt it is time to fess up.
I am not a big fan of my occupation.
I was somewhat thrust into an area of nonprofit that I didn’t want to be. This is the area of nonprofit that clearly has people making the most money, but I am not having any fun.
With Vancouver on the horizon (96 days!) I am seriously considering what I want to do for a profession. The nonprofit sector is pretty enormous out there, so there are a range of jobs available. All I know is, when it comes down to it, money is not my top priority. I have some breathing room as far as that goes, which is nice. What I would like is, if I have to be at a desk all day, I want to actually be DOING SOMETHING ALL DAY. I like being busy, it makes me feel like I am actually being productive. I am willing to seriously take a job that has more to do, and pays up to $15,000 less if I won’t have to think about ripping my hair out of my head just for something to do.
I am even willing to step out of the sector for this.
With the Olympics coming in a few years, I could probably do something for the Olympic committee in Vancouver, and since I’m the first in my faculty to move out there, I have a good case. Maybe the Vancouver Aquarium? I think I would really love an animal rescue organization as well. BCSPCA? Love love love. Who knows, I might even end up working at a doggie hotel.
I just want to feel productive!!!! Agh.
All I know is, I don’t want to crawl out of bed every day to a job I hate.
Anyone else feel like this?

The most terrifying movie you will ever see.

This is a movie that I think should be about Steve. He keeps farting at the most inopportune moments. Like, he thinks he’s at home, but we’re at places like the mall and he lets really loud ones rip, only to eventually catch me looking at him with a “di you know what you just did?!” face, and only then does he realize that he’s farted really loudly in public.
He did it again. This time in Sport Check in the men’s athletics section. We’re talking like 5 on the richter scale! After catching me looking at him with surprise and amazement, he quickly puttered out of the store yelling back to me, “Let’s get outta here!!!”
Oh honey, I love you ever so much.

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