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Yay! It’s not snowing today!

Weekend greetings! Since the snow dumping we had a few days ago is AGAIN gone, I was free to let the pugs out into the yard!


I don’t know what the hell is going on, but Winston immediately rammed as much green grass as he could into his yapper.Zelda was excited to explore the fire pit for the first time.
Winston was totally stoked to be outside again, but he’s also stoked to have graduated obedience school with many an honor! He won every challenge we did today in the tests, and just basically kicked some dog ass. Next up is agility school, where we will dress him up in a cape and doggles!
Here’s little baby Zelda, enjoying a rest on the step with mommy.
And another stoked Winston shot. He was loving it outside today!
I attempted to catch Zelda running here, but ended up catching her torso and ass in the photo instead.
And finally, the puppy point of view. So small, so stoic.

And finally, a big flipping HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to Steve! I was going to post an awesome picture I made in photoshop of a panda, but he FRIGGIN PEEKED! PEEKER!!!!

Anyhow, I love you very much honey!

(he is currently getting Zelda to type on his mac for him with her paws…oh brother)

Q & A

These are the five questions that I was asked by Amanda!

1. What’s the worst pet peeve that people do that drives you crazy?

Wow. I think I have a lot of pet peeves about people, haha! Who can possibly choose?! I don’t like it when you let someone in in traffic and they don’t give a thank you wave. I don’t like it when women sit with their legs crossed and “bob” the leg that is crossed. I once almost pushed a girl out of her chair in my college poetry class for that! I don’t like when people chew loudly. Those are my top thee “Now I Have to Kill You” list.
2. Do you pick your nose in the car when you think people aren’t watching?

I’m sure SOOOOMEONE is watching, but I do it on occasion anyway. That’s right. I’m sick. I think what’s worse is watching someone pick, and then EAT it in a car. Didn’t you stop doing that when you were 4???
3. What TV character best describes you in a) High School; b) College;
and c) Now.

This one is seriously stumping me! I had to ask for help on this one. In high school I’d say I was most like Joan from Clone High. Kind of awkward, and there was this dude I really liked who was OBLIVIOUS to me. I was also waaay into the arts. In college I was most like Daria. Feminist, sarcastic, and majorly bookish, but still cool….RIGHT?! Now I’d say I’m most like Elizabeth from 30 Rock. I get into these stupid situations all the time like she does.

4. What is your greatest indulgence food/treat/snack?

I love putting a small wheel of brie in the microwave just long enough to melt it on the inside, then I eat the whole wheel by smearing it on triscuits. Oooooooh baby. I like chocolate a lot, so there’s always something in my house that it chocolate. Right now it’s fudgsicles!

5. How tall are you?

I am 5’7” tall. I’m pretty happy at this height because I’m taller than my mom. As long as I grew to be taller than my mom!

If anyone wants me to ask them five questions, let me know!

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