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She’s little, but she’s FAST!

I love kids, but I can’t eat a whole one.

Ahhhh. I think spring may FINALLY be here. It doesn’t look like it’s going to snow for the rest of the week, and it’s actually a decent temperature outside! Wohoo!
Today I arranged an “ice cream day” for the kids at the daycare in my building, but the people who were supposed to come hand out the ice cream (and bring it) were an hour and a half late! This meant that over half the kids were napping because it was NAP TIME! Dang. They didn’t seem to phased that they had shown up extremely late either. I mean, I realize that you are volunteering to do this for the kids, but when I promise 70 kids some ice cream by 11am, there had better be ice cream by 11am!!! They left all the extras for the other kids, so that was good at least.
I just took a bite out of a chocolate rabbit that I got from a co-worker and realized that I took a huge bite out of its ass first. Then I thought, well that’s an interesting place to start…did anyone out there enjoy a chocolate bunny this past weekend, and if so, what did you eat off of it first?


Magically it’s gotten a lot nicer over the past few days! The snow is all gone! Okay, it’s not really THAT nice, but the snow is gone, so I’ll take it! No snow means more time outside for the pups, so I’ve been able to have a few more photo sessions of the mad dashes in the back yard:

I enjoy this one because it looks like Winston is taking flight:
The perfect photo of Zelda!
The perfect Winston face:
Enjoying a good antler chew:
Soooooooooo cute:

Hopefully green grass will start to pop up soon! The weirdest thing happened today too. Both puppies were in the back yard and they both peed and Zelda pooped on the grass. The odd thing about this is that neither of the pugs have EVER gone to the bathroom on the grass! They both went in the same spot too. I’m not complaining, but it was so strange as they’ve never done that before!

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