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History of the Disenchanted

Well, here we are, back at Monday. Another day, another dollar, eh? For some it’s still a holiday. I wish I were that lump of people! Long weekends are never long enough it would seem. Though I’m sure a month off wouldn’t seem long enough if I had it.
The more I think about Vancouver, the more I think I’m going to really enjoy the chance for change. My mother is very persistent in reminding me just how much money I am making for my age when I talk about Vancouver. We are from two different schools of thought on this one I’m afraid. She is from the school of “money will buy me everything I need to be happy, and powerful.” I am from the Beatles school of thought because money can’t buy me love, baby! I have really thought long and hard about it. Yes, if I stay where I am I know that I could likely buy a car by the end of the year, but I have a car that I like, even if it’s 12 years old. It suits me just fine…though…okay, a Toyota Yaris would be nice…but I digress! I know that I make a LOT of money for how old I am, but the short of it is that I am willing to work for up to $20,000 LESS a year to know that I wouldn’t absolutely dread going to my job every day. I have come up with the $20,000 window because right now I am putting about 75% of every paycheque I have onto my debt, so I really am not getting a great deal of enjoyment out of the stupid amount of money I get. I pretty much spend the other 25% on retirement savings, the dogs, and those staples of rent and food. Sh!t happens though, and here and there another $600 or $1000 bill comes my way (like this weekend with my brakes!) and I’m back in the hole. By the time August comes around, I will be gone and never have really known the true taste of my prosperity….but I WILL, be completely out of the hole.
I am looking for a change of my quality of life. I find people my age to be in several different life spaces…whether that be just hanging out, or married, or going to school. There’s no constant. I’ve only met one other couple who have a lifestyle like mine. ONLY ONE! They really are one in a million or so people who live in my city. WHERE ARE ALL THE YUPPIES (young, urban professionals)?!
I can’t say that another city will hold anything better on that front, but hey, at least if I am bored I can go to the beach, the mountains, shopping, and walk the dogs all in one day!
I have thought it though, and really, if I find a position out there that doesn’t have anything to do with my degree, but I enjoy it, I am going to take it over a job in my field. I am lately so disenchanted with the sector in which I work. All the veils are gone and I am left with a very fractured, somewhat shady picture of what I thought was really selfless work.
But that post, is for another day (or hour, we’ll see how I feel tonight!).

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