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Mother Teresa joined the mob and is happy with her full-time job

Clearly I admit that my MS paint drawing skills are less than even good, but hey, I tried to capture the essence of the Duke, you can’t blame me for trying! I haven’t had too much to blog about these past few days as I’ve had to keep going out at night, and I’ve actually been busy during the day!
I had to take a million photos of the shelter I work for, and then I had to travel to this empty building that our organization had donated to us so that we can train people less fortunate with the skills so that they can get a job. It’s pretty sweet. The only bad thing is that this building has the essence of a major haunting about it. I went on a little tour by myself (mistake #1 in a horror movie), and opened a door to the second floor of this building, only to find a HUGE, EMPTY, CREEPY open office space. There were all kinds of stains and weird smells, and it just gave off the worst vibes! I was there at about 10am and I was still thinking that it was just like being on one of those haunting shows where they strap a camera to you and you scream at the sight of basically anything. I’d show you the photos, but sadly, they are top secret nonprofit stuff. Boo!
I had to give up my car for a few days this week to get it fixed by my step-dad. He managed to save me about $900 on car repairs (it needed new brakes, a headlight, and an oil change)! My jaw actually dropped when he told me the price because it was even better than what I thought it was going to be. WHO WILL FIX MY CAR IN VANCOUVER?! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
In puppy news, Zelda pooped out the content of her entire torso last night, I swear to God. She took like five poops all over the apartment, and they were all yucky soft-serve esque poops that were super stinky. Then I saw her poop a sixth time before I left for work! YIKES! She was whining in bed last night, which makes me think that her tummy was upset, but I can’t figure out what did it. Maybe the non-fat yogurt as an after dinner snack? They didn’t get anything out of the ordinary really. I guess that’s just the way of the puppy. Wait, they did manage to eat my eyebrow comb…that likely has something to do with it…
I also just found out that a woman I do NOT like at all (back from the adopt a family thing) is moving into the office next to me. I can’t even stand her voice, let alone her being RIGHT next to my office. Excuse me while I set that office aflame…
Actually, I should just leave a Zelda poop somewhere in there…hehehe.

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