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Sofa King Awesome.

Steve sent me a link to this earlier today. It’s a freaking LEGO COUCH! Can you believe it?! I am seriously considering this over the other couch, not only because it’s amazing, but it’s half the price of the red couch AND you can move all the pieces around AND AND AND it’s made of vinyl, thus making the couch easy to clean if the pugs get messy. My only concern is that it’s not going to be very comfy….eeehhhhhhh…

I’m still thinking a leather couch might be a better call…

Back in Business!

I’m baaaaaack! Hoorayness! I finally managed to get my new laptop! It blows that I had to buy a new one, but I shouldn’t have to buy a new one again for another four years or so. I’m sure Apple will come out with something even more amazing that I’ll want to buy but don’t really need. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!!!

So I guess luckily it snowed last night, so I had to keep my huge ass boobs under a sweater today. Who knew some cleavage could cause such a ruckus?! I didn’t hear anything from my boss today, so I figured that she thought my boobs were under control.

I am pretty tired of my job though. My mom ended up finding out second hand that I’m looking to move to Vancouver with Steve, and she and my step-dad are on a high horse, assuming that I don’t know that my job pays me a ridiculous amount of money. Yes, I DO get it, but that’s not the point. If all I wanted was money, I’m sure I’d be extremely happy about my job, but in all truth, I hate the atmosphere of an office setting. I don’t like sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day. I’d rather be on the front line, actually helping people. That’s why I got a degree in nonprofit management! I want to make a difference, not sit inside all day. I know my job is important, and that my workplace couldn’t operate as effectively without me, but it doesn’t really give me anything “back.” I honestly think I could be happier making minimum wage at a pet store! Ha! Oh well, we’ll see what happens in July when I have to look for a Vancouver job!

Anyhow, Zelda is whining a ton, so I gots some puppy play time to have!

What I should wear to work tomorrow:

What do we think?! LET’S GET OFFENSIVE!!!

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