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Hit me with your best SHOT!

Cheeeck it out! I totally got one!!! I have joined the forces of people shooting their pets with tasty treats! I gotta say, these treats are not really all that interesting. I don’t think they taste that good either, but we’ll see in a later episode of LMizzle, don’t eat it. I think we’re about due for another one of those. I also bought some pumpkin treats to try, so I’m gonna be either having a great time, or getting the runs!
Anyhow, I found the Snackshotz treat gun in Petsmart and obviously had to try it out! As a quick review, I’d say don’t buy it. First of all, all of the treats smell the same, whatever flavor they are, and they’re the size of a penny. That means when you shoot them, they lay flat on the floor like a penny! They can’t even get the treat in their mouths! It’s pretty much a bust. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t wearing the silver glove…

Anyhow, I’d like your opinion on this matter. This morning I was wearing a deep v neck shirt, but I knew that it was too low cut, so I put a tank top over it. I thought I was lookin’ pretty fly. I went to talk to my boss about something and she busted out with, “Hey, you need to go like this…” and makes a pulling up motion with her shirt, and then says, “Yeah, because you need to keep the girls under control.”


Never in my LIFE have I been told that I need to keep my boobs “under control.” They’ve never been out of control, as far as I’ve seen! I’d like your opinions though, I took a photo of the shirt I was wearing:

This is exactly how I looked at work. I don’t know about you, but I can’t see any nipple, or even cleavage! I was also wearing fairly baggy khakis too. I spent the rest of the day pulling my shirt up and covering myself with a notebook when I had to talk to her to ensure I didn’t somehow flash a nipple or something even though I had two layers on!

The way she said it, it was like I was wearing this:
Nipple tassels, anyone?!

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